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The beautiful bathroom tiles can have a great effect on the whole bathroom design. If you only replace these during a renovation, you will get a completely new look. This not only applies to the complete paneling with such, but also to the cases in which certain accent surfaces are designed with it.

The current bathroom tile trends offer enormous variety and many innovations in the direction of sustainability. Here are a few that are particularly significant for this year.

Rediscover the subway tiles

Hadn't you found a place for this type of tile in your home before? Maybe you can choose the subway tiles in the next renovation of your bathroom. They are a global trend that will become more topical again in 2022. As it continues to be included, subway tiles are likely to remain very popular for some time to come. This will also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Such type of tiles are used in very upscale hotels and official buildings.

Furnishing a bathroom with subway tiles is quite popular in 2022

Furnishing the bathroom - creative handling of concrete

Concrete is becoming more and more common in creative bathroom furnishing concepts. With this you create an industrial and at the same time upscale atmosphere in your home. Designers recommend combining it with a patterned floor. This makes the appearance very exciting and brings the atmosphere of New York lofts to your home.

The concrete gives the bathroom a simple yet modern look

Let the floor take center stage in your bathroom

The spectacular floor design within minimalist concepts is fundamentally up-to-date in 2022. The bathroom is no exception at all in this regard. This is an effective, modern and economical approach to redesigning or renovating the bathroom. Also, this type of setup gives you a lot of freedom for future additions and conversions.

In this one In this case we recommend patterns for the floor and possibly also 3D effects and relief appearance. Of course, you also need to keep maintenance in mind. You need an option whose quality can be maintained in everyday life with relatively little effort.

Put the accent on the floor

Geometric patterns

If you want to speak the "language" of current trends in 2020, then the geometric patterns are basically appropriate. This also applies to the bathroom. An extremely modern solution would be to design an accent wall with geometric patterns.

Choose tiles cleverly and let them catch the eye

Furnishing the bathroom - subway tiles are back in style!

Subway tiles for a retro look!

Floor tiles have different and very interesting patterns

Bathroom setup - black and white checkered floor

Original motifs for the floor are a total hit in 2022!

Geometric patterns ensure the optical enlargement of the corresponding room

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