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Thigh-high women's boots bring back forgotten femininity

Can you imagine the women's wardrobe without boots? And without beautiful and trendy women's shoes at all, right?

Because we know how important women's boots are, we decided to present the trends in these today. Now is definitely the right time to start buying them for the next season. That way, you'll have less work to do with the basics next fall and can focus on getting a "gem" or two.

Show off beautiful legs!

We have to have a few pairs of boots anyway - for every day and for more special occasions.

Cheeky, elegant and sexy in a great mix with each other

With the high overknee boots, the focus is on the legs!

Women's boots that go above the knee are trendy

2016 is the year of the thigh-high women's boot. They reach at least up to the thigh. They feel like second skin. Thus, the high boots are super comfortable. At the same time, such boots form women's legs in a wonderful way.

The effect of the boots is strong enough

The boots envelop the legs like a second skin

They are ideal for great evening events

You will also look very original in 2016 with the current long women's boots. These simply haven't been there for a few seasons.

The forgotten femininity returns

It is important that you take great care to maintain good taste so that you don't unintentionally draw the wrong conclusions.

Now all the ladies are

a hit in the 70s

What's up with the fabrics?

For evening wear, designers recommend boots with a patent surface. You can wear them again this year. However, suede and rough leather are much more suitable.

A mini skirt enhances the effect of the overknee boots

Other current combinations with high boots

Many of the basic rules for outfit combinations will remain the same this year. As a rule, you should not have more than two main colors. This is particularly true for such eye-catching elements of your outfit as high boots, for example

Jeans shorts with patent leather boots go well together

Skirt and high boots

You must be extra careful when combining high boots and short skirts. In this case, stockings play a very important role. They must be elegant and at the same time slightly contrasting with the boots. This is the only way they really come into their own.

An elongated silhouette for every occasion

It is more or less irrelevant what you wear with the good boots

The figural tights aren't necessarily a good idea. The high boots will attract a lot of attention anyway. Be careful not to overdo it.

The focus will always only be on the boots

Velvet and suede can make your legs more attractive

The bright color of the boots comes to the fore

Fashionable colors and details on the high women's boots

The trends in the current high women's boots make these really individual works. They are super rich in specific details. These are mostly on the ankles and knees. For everyday wear, you should stick to classic colors like black, brown, gray and dark blue. Cream, white and beige are very appropriate for evening events.

A mix of styles creates excitement

Better less than more


No matter how current the high women's boots you must not forget that they are not a very common element of your wardrobe. Because of this, the women who don them need to show a big dose of confidence as well. If that isn't a good reason to work on this topic…

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