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Creative handwork is slowly but surely returning to our lives. It doesn't matter what kind of handwork you mean by that if the end result is individual, unique and charming.

In today's article we're going to touch on the topic of tapestry again. This time we not only want to inspire you for the creative embroidery techniques using Gobelin embroidery pictures, but also draw your attention to the practical implementation of an embroidered work of art.

Learning to embroider made easy

More and more people are striving to organize their everyday life optimally so that they can have more free time, for which great plans are already being made. Have you always wanted to learn to embroider and beautify clothes or home accessories? However, we are crazy about it and therefore offer you below inspiration and simple instructions on how to create your first embroidery picture.

Learn to embroider - the basics

Before we start learning how to embroider, let's look at which materials are best for our purpose.


1)pencil and paper

The best helpers of all creative people also play an important role when learning to embroider. The design you want to embroider is first drawn on paper.

2) fabric / solid fabric e.g. Aida

There are special fabrics that make embroidery easier for a good reason. In addition to expert advice, you can get everything you need for embroidery in any haberdashery or fabrics department.

3)Thread/ Yarn

You can embroider with both yarn and fine thread. The means to an end depend on your actual idea.

4)Embroidery Needle

An embroidery needle is slightly larger and sharper than the conventional one. The more prepared you are to embroider, the easier it will be to learn.

5)Embroidery Hoop

A frame is an advantage for anyone who works creatively. An embroidery frame not only has the special function of determining the format, but also of giving the fabric the right tension.

6)Template/ Idea

Last but not least, you should have an idea that you want to bring to the table. For those who would like to focus on the technical first, we provide a link to download embroidery images and templates.

Embroidery Techniques

No matter how complicated a new challenge seems, it can be explained and taught using simple and logical techniques. Let's look at the basic techniques of embroidery!

Cross Stitch

The oldest and best-known embroidery technique is undoubtedly the cross-stitch. Thanks to this technique, the embroidery images look complete and whole. Find out the most important things from the attached video tutorial!

Backstitch / Backstitch

You can use the technique described to make an embroidery image even more believable and meaningful.

Stem Stitch

Also an old embroidery technique that belongs to the line stitches. The technique is suitable both for filling in entire motifs and for converting curved lines.

Satin Stitch

If you have drawn or pre-embroidered your template, you can use this technique to embroider and fill in the spaces between the outlines.

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