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Today's bathroom design is becoming more and more homely and comfortable, and that's exactly what we'd like to report on. The personal needs of users are the top priority this year, which is also what bathroom furniture and bathroom design are based on. Get inspiration on how to design your bathroom while following the current trends.

Today’s bathroom is called “living room”

Maybe your bathroom planning is already set and you are just wondering where you can buy good and inexpensive bathroom accessories? The good bathroom cabinets from Schildmayer, which accommodate all your belongings for the bath and do not take up much space, are also among the hottest bathroom trends of 2022.

Bathroom design - what are the current trends in bathroom design?

Trend 1) Ergonomic toilets and non-slip coatings or special surfaces in the shower will continue to accompany us from this year and in better versions.

Trend 2) Personal security and comfort coupled with sustainability result in a new and better perception of space, which until now has only been reduced to the functional and hygienic.

The digital bathroom

Trend 3) The hit of 2022 is undoubtedly the digital bathroom, which naturally complements your smart home. The energy-saving LED lighting in the bathroom can now be conveniently controlled at the touch of a button, just like the water or room air temperature you want. As you may have already noticed, bathroom design is reaching new dimensions and heights that simply promise you a better quality of life, belonging to the fourth trend of 2022.

Trend 5) In terms of interior design, the tide has turned completely again. Large and bright bathrooms are reminiscent of the Bauhaus years. Reduced shapes and individual splashes of color enliven your bathroom and 3D mirror cabinets optically expand tasteful room design.

Trend 6) For Free-standing bathtubs can also be found in smaller bathrooms, because here too you should find a few minutes of relaxation and enjoyment.

Trend 7) wood look

If you really like the wood look, you can extensively equip the bathroom with wood, based on the 2022 trends. Designer wooden washbasins or bathtubs, but also tiles with a wood look, round off the targeted feeling for cosiness and sophistication.

Other increasing trends this year are the rimless toilet (Trend No 8) and the geometric wall patterns (Trend No 9). And if everything is still nature-conscious and designed 100% according to personal needs, you are not only in Trend No 10, you can also consider yourself a happy person and fully enjoy your personal and comfortable bathroom.

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