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Athleisure style - about the fashion trend and its golden rules

Multifunctionality dominates in the current fashion trends. There is a lack of free time and we want to invest our resources in something meaningful. No one can be a slave to trends anymore. We need trends like this for every occasion - professional and leisure, something different to wear, slowly going into the past.

How many times have you canceled a meeting with friends in the pub because you didn't feel like going there in a suit? For the same reason, maybe you don't walk to work even though the place of work isn't that far?

Or how about this: You walk to the gym or the swimming pool in sporty clothes, train for an hour, change into other sporty clothes and go to work like this? That would be a lot easier than having to wear a suit or formal dress. Because they are simply not as easy to care for as sporty clothes.

Current fashion trends - don't feel like wearing a suit? Well then… just walk through the city in a sporty way!

The new fashion trends bring us ever closer to these ideals and in 2022 we will experience another highlight. That's how many fashion experts think.

We already live in athleisure fashion. The term is a combination of the terms athletic and leisure. It refers to clothes that are suitable for leisure time as well as for everyday use in the office and for sports.

Some go even further and wear some or all of their athletic attire even on official occasions.

Will this fashion trend catch on? Our prediction is: Definitely yes! Because modern people value their free time and want to make more of it.

Sporty clothing is totally in in 2022 and will give you a fresh and modern look

But the change is very strong and it would be less stressful for everyone involved to realize it more slowly. Also our opinion.

The following golden rules will make this transformation possible for you, but also keep you on the safe side. So we don't get any Stress with negative reactions from colleagues or bosses.

Current fashion trends - choose suitable clothes for the season

Jogging pants also have seasons. Putting on summer trousers in winter looks ridiculous and inappropriate. Don't do that even if you were the most comfortable. In winter, neutral and dark shades are a particularly good solution. They can appear like regular pants along with boots. So you might not be noticed at all.

Mix of function and fashion

Sporty fashion only makes sense if it makes your life easier. That is also the main argument for launching Athleiisere Style among the fashion trends. Invest in clothes that are beautiful and functional.

Choose matching accessories

You can only change your look from sporty to suitable for everyday life with a suitable piece of jewellery. Fashionable bags, bracelets or even belts have such a power. Such experiments are just fun and bring a lot of simplicity to life.

Current fashion trends - keep within certain limits

You can also go to the restaurant in great sporty clothing. But you certainly don't want to show up in a sports bra, do you? And pants would be better than shorts too. The second doesn't really work at all…

Stick to neutral colors

Sporty clothing has many aspects or distinguishing features. The colors and the cuts are part of it. If you want to be on the safe side, then opt for neutral shades. This gives you more combination options and you can also conceal the sporty character to a certain extent. Because sometimes it becomes necessary. By the way, with neutral colors you can allow yourself more freedom in the patterns.

Current fashion trends - what does the athleisure style actually involve?

There are many advantages over other fashion trends. The sporty clothes he althier. We are happier and therefore more effective when dressed in athleisure style. With this you can present your office outfit in front of your colleagues and bosses.

For women, this style means more self-confidence, youthfulness and it hides the physical disadvantages. Good athletic clothing can do that, and very well.

Current fashion trends - follow our tips for a stunning look

Current fashion trends - the modern look 2022

We already live in athleisure fashion

Current fashion trends - you can also go to the restaurant in great sporty clothing

From the gym straight to work

Current fashion trends - modern people value their free time and want to make more of it

Appropriate clothing for the season is a must

Current fashion trends - everyone will be jealous of your personal style

Current fashion trends - with our tips you will never make a mistake

For women, this style means more self-confidence and youthfulness

Current fashion trends - without much effort you can look extravagant and modern

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