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Although the warm season has not yet arrived and summer seems far away, now is the time to prepare. At least in some respects you can now do something decisive so that you can have a lot of fun outdoors with family and friends when the weather is nice. Stop dreaming of wide white beaches and the turquoise blue sea. Without spending a lot of money on long journeys, you can experience a lot of bathing fun in your own garden during the summer months. And how? Here we reveal this secret! In this article, we want to show you amazing round garden pools and report on their numerous advantages. In the end, many readers might feel inspired and want to install such a pool in their own outdoor area.

Round garden pools: Bring the summer vacation straight home!

  • Where are round garden pools usually located and what is good about their shape?

As we often say, good preparatory work is half the battle. That's why you have to look around in your own garden and first determine a suitable place for your garden pool. In this regard, round garden pools have an important advantage, because in principle they do not take up much space.

However, you can provide enough space for this, because you would certainly want to design the space around the pool in an attractive way. It is best to choose a sunny place where in summer the sun not only shines all day, but it is also warm in the evening until sunset. This gives you the best chance of spending a lot of free time by the pool. This soon turns out to be great fun for young and old! A good spot would also be far from tall trees and leafy shrubs.

Tip: This way you don't have to constantly clean the water surface of fallen leaves in late summer and autumn.

Round garden pools are a guarantee for first-class relaxation in your own outdoor area.

In this case, there is no doubt about the round shape of the basin decisive. It is not only space-saving, but also very compact. This means that a round swimming or paddling pool fits well even in a narrow space. In addition, the spherical shape is crucial for the overall look of the pool. On the one hand, it is the most natural and harmonious form of all and seamlessly inscribes itself perfectly in any outdoor area. On the other hand, it is eye-catching enough to make your garden cool and inviting.

The special thing about this swimming pool is its perfectly round shape.

  • What else should you know about round garden pools?

A garden pool, regardless of its design, is always a big investment, but there is something for every budget! Therefore, you must first find out about the different possible types. Of course, you must consider the size of the pool and the construction materials used before making the purchasing decision. Round garden pools can also be customized to best suit your personal needs and the specifics of your outdoor space. We have summarized for you what to look out for:

Round garden pools can be set up or permanently installed

  • Different types, different installation: round garden pools can basically be mobile, set up or permanently installed. For example, the so-called quick-up pools or frame pools are used more as above-ground pools. While the steel wall pools are sunk into the ground, then clad or fitted with a matching rim. The type of garden pool is also closely related to its installation. In this respect, quick-up pools and frame pools are the simplest alternative, as they can be set up quickly and dismantled quickly before winter. But if you are interested in a permanently installed swimming pool in your own garden, you should opt for a steel wall pool. However, its installation is more complicated as it has to be built into the ground. Nevertheless, the effort and expense are worth it, because such a pool can serve you for a very long time and provide young and old with splashing and bathing fun.

Hurry to the paddling fun at home!

  • Costs: Depending on the design, size and building materials used, the prices of the individual models also vary. Here but Round garden pools are relatively smaller than other pool designs, prices vary between 100 and 1000 euros. But then there are the costs for the pump and filter system, if these are required for the corresponding model. In any case, you should consider a high-quality pool cover and calculate the costs for it.

However, a good pool cover is required for almost all models.

  • Child safety when bathing and playing: Last but not least, we would like to address the particularly important aspect of child safety. Here the rule applies: the little ones must not be allowed to play unsupervised in or around the pool. Sometimes unwanted incidents happen in a matter of seconds! A fence around the swimming area would make the pool inaccessible. You can also use good pool covers for child safety purposes or get a special alarm system. The pool alarm detects every movement in the water, regardless of whether it is caused by an animal or a child. It gives signals and can thus avoid undesirable situations in the pool. This enables your quick reaction, which is life-saving in certain cases.

Our advice is never let your little ones play in or around the backyard pool unsupervised.

  • How to design the area around a round garden pool?

Although a round pool is usually small, you can still make it look great and show off with skill! Here we want to give you some clever tips for this. For example, you can build a staircase that leads straight into the water. Or a deck around the pool if you have the space for it. Then put some loungers and chairs there and you have already created an excellent relaxation zone for your family and guests. If you like being by the water in summer, you can also create a cozy dining area in the immediate vicinity of the garden pool. Be sure to add matching lights, rugs and beautiful potted plants to add to the holiday feel. Anything you like is allowed!

If you don't have much space, you can add some greenery around your pool. Green plants and flowering flowers in pots, boxes or other containers, small trees, ornamental shrubs and succulents come into consideration here. These refresh the area and catch the eye!

Lush greenery and palm trees around the round Surrounding paddling pools serve as privacy screens and even contribute to a real jungle feeling.

Or maybe you want to take a look at the wild nature?

Also check out the following ideas and images that we have collected for you. Be encouraged to build your own round garden pool and have a great summer of freshness and outdoor fun!

You should install your round outdoor paddling pool and swimming pool in the spring.

You can design the outdoor area around the round pool according to your style and taste.

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