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Useful suggestions for every taste and living style - DIY projects

We want to further develop our topic "offices and study" and that's why today we are going to talk about how you build a desk yourself.
We have We have presented some wall mounted and freestanding desk ideas for you on our website and now we are going to show you some ideas on how to use shelves, filing cabinets and old doors to create your own home office.

More and more people are working from home. Technology is making teleworking easier, so working from home is proving to be a very essential option these days. Even those of you who don't work regularly need space where they can conduct their business leisurely. And no other piece in the office is more important than the desk! Regardless of your preferences, you can always buy an office desk that suits your needs. But there are also many ideas for DIY projects that you can check and get inspired. Whether you're into a computer desk, desk, standing desk, or mobile table, the choice is proving easier than ever. Take a look at our great examples and choose the one that best suits your interior design.

Koloro office table
Build your own desk

Designed like a dollhouse

Equipped with compact lamp

Design doesn't take up much space - suitable for small spaces

This innovative office desk is designed by Japanese design company Torafu Architects. Called Koloro (which means "color" in Spanish), this piece appears similar to a doll's house with window cutouts, small shelves and hanging lights.

Office table with galvanized piping parts

Inspired by mid-century modernism, this office desk features chrome-plated piping hardware that reflects the Not only support tabletop, but also provide a decorative look.

Desk made of Euro pallets

Build your own desk - the sturdy, brightly colored table legs (from inexpensive IKEA) make this office desk appear as a functional piece with excellent storage capacity.

Old wooden table legs and thick glass

Spice up the old dresser

Decorate wooden boxes in color

It has to be neat and ergonomic

Wooden boxes and plywood come to life

Homemade Scandinavian Design

Refined and luxurious with glass

Large and simple in the study

Straightforward and elegant made of wood and metal

Easy DIY idea for your desk

Paint in your favorite color

The cot is converted

Shabby chic desk made of Euro pallets

Natural wood and white - create an elegant winter fairy tale at home

DIY Industrial Style Desk and Wall Shelves

Minimalist with gold shine

Functionality and purism in one

Beauty is hidden in the simplest things

Build your own corner desk out of wooden planks

Plywood and fresh colors

Give crates of fruit or wine a second chance

DIY Mid-Century Desk

And three more DIY ideas for your desk made from Euro pallets

Thick panes of glass are also just perfect for thisUsing Space EffectivelyNatural wood will give you visual warmth and a smooth feelLarger desks can also be easily built from old wooden planksYou can also use thinner wooden boards for small desksTake up the full length of the roomFreshly painted shutters and rattan chairs as the perfect complementPainting the Antique Dresser Polar WhiteAdventurous and exciting while writingIngeniously simple - the DIY solution for the desk in the children's roomPlywood and old wooden boxes can do a lotGlorious, no-nonsense structureFeminine DesignBuild a desk yourself with attached basketsAbsolutely playful and brightWood top on two pink stools with higher legs and voila! You get your new office deskBright yellow and orange palette - fresh spring tulipsLight and dark blue color nuances - appropriate for hobbyistsFresh colors and natural materials for your studioA living idea for teenagers - foldable office tableSimple, long wooden board on a metal frame - build your own deskDIY office table presented in picturesExtra storage and drawersElegant and sophisticated for the ladiesCreative idea from Euro palletsAnyone of you can create a sunny living atmosphere at home and feel comfortable in the officeMasculine interior design, but with feminine touchesMore practical than strikingly designedDesk suitable for studentsOrganize the home office "like a boss"

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