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Furniture trend 2022 - more natural comfort with Riviera Maison

The new trends of recent years are characterized by a very smooth transition. They always seem to bring back nostalgic memories of old fashion tendencies. In addition, it is much more about "integrating something new" than "replacing the old tendencies".

It's the same with the furniture trend 2022. Let's see together what's new and how you can bring it home cheaply and conveniently.

The reverse side of past trends

At first glance, the current trends seem to be incompatible with those from the past few years. The new designs are so open and full of life that they seem almost naïve. They are modern and executed in all shades of yellow. In contrast, gray dominated until a few years ago.

Two opposites are mentioned. Isn't that perfect somehow? By contrasting, they emphasize their own individuality all the more. So, introduce yellow into the interior design in your most favorite nuance. It looks modern, fresh and you don't need a big investment.

Furniture trend 2022 - cozy naturalness and cheerful mood

Furniture trend 2022 - always smarter

Some design critics are talking about a new way of approaching nature in design this year. This is more careful, more subtle. Nature would come into our homes more in the form of accents and details. We would put it differently: the integration of natural motifs and patterns is somehow smarter.

You naturally subscribe to the trends. Nature is present to varying degrees in various modern constructions. Nature often makes a subtle distinction between otherwise similar pieces of furniture.

Cotton, linen, sisal and rattan - the most popular materials

For example, on one table, the wood grain may show up only on the edges, and on another - on the whole surface. Customers simply choose what appeals to them the most, bringing only as much nature home as is important to them lies.

Furniture trend 2022 - Put more trust in the brands!

A few years ago there was a peak in custom made furniture. You have drawn creative ideas from old role models, but gladly hired someone for the individual development. This was necessary for many reasons. First, the furniture industry wasn't used to unconventional floor plans. Secondly, people wanted to see their own attitude and individuality reflected in the furniture and it just didn't work anymore with the usual furniture offers.

Casual beach vibes with Riviera Maison

Using the example of the natural character, we have clearly shown that furniture is being produced ever smarter. This is due to slight modifications in the production of practically one and the same model.

As a result, the good brands regained more importance and trust. Evidence of this is the popularity of some, such as Riviera Maison for fans of exclusive and Mediterranean-style interior design, or Yellow furniture in the mid-range price range.

Natural exclusivity in the dining room

Make your breakfast a special experience every day

St. Malo Rattan Kitchen Chair by Riviera Maison

Small coffee table made of used wood

Shiny silver and rough wood feel

Give yourself more comfort with Riviera Maison

How about e.g. B. with a comfortable sofa in anthracite?

Or with these comfortable armchairs in beige?

A sisal carpet always goes well with this type of furniture

Of course you can also openly display the beauty of the wooden floor

A robust dining table in a rustic style for pleasant evenings in good company

The perfect idea for your home office

Delightful white wooden chest of drawers

The trendy one Riviera Maison's style suits every season

You can also set up the baby room with it

And how about a rough wooden vanity?

Riviera Maison Gelderlandplein opening, 5 maart 2015

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