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Wall mirrors are true all-rounders in the interior. They can hang in any room and make it appear larger and brighter. In addition, these must-haves have a purely practical function to fulfill. We need wall mirrors to admire or control our look in them, to apply make-up, etc. Their great aesthetic value should not be underestimated. Especially this one in the hallway. They must easily fit into the design concept of your home without overloading it. Wall mirrors in the hallway are therefore available in very different designs, so that they suit every style and taste. In addition, they show a variety of shapes, can be made of different materials and the colors of the mirror frames are always designed differently. Today we focus on exactly this and report everything about decorative wall mirrors in the hallway. You can admire more than 100 pictures and design ideas with unusual wall mirror models in our picture gallery.

Round wall mirror with an artfully designed frame catches the eye in the hallway.

  • Feng Shui rules for decorative wall mirrors in the hallway to be observed

According to Feng Shui teachings, the wall mirrors reflect the positive Chi. For this reason, it is particularly important where they are placed. This is of fundamental importance, especially in the hallway. According to Feng Shui, you should never hang the wall mirror directly opposite the front door, because in this case the positive energy will be reflected to the outside. In short, the positive chi flows outside of the home. As a result, it can have a negative effect and cause anxiety. On the one hand, this has a negative effect on you and all roommates, on the other hand, your guests would also feel thrown out in this case.

Placed next to the entrance door, the hallway mirror can only have a positive effect on you and your guests.

You can also create a bright niche for the wall mirror choose or illuminate them cleverly.

Always have these Feng Shui rules in mind before you find the right place for your wall mirror in the hallway. A light-colored wall would be best for this, but it is not directly opposite the front door. In this case, the wall mirror reflects the light and makes the hallway appear brighter and a little larger. Also consider suitable lighting, because this is the only way for the wall mirror to fulfill its practical function in the hallway. For example, wall lamps on both sides of the corridor mirror represent the classic lighting option. However, there are more modern variants, such as built-in energy-saving LED lights. Very innovative wall mirrors have built-in motion and touch sensors and indicate the room temperature. Under the wall mirror in the hallway there is usually a table on which there are house and car keys, beautiful vases with flowers or lamps and other decorative items. This table can look a bit odd if it has a driftwood leg, as you can see in the next four pictures.

Driftwood is a popular fabric for unusual furniture.

A small bench seat is also a good design idea.

The shape of a wall mirror in the hallway can be very different.

  • Decorative wall mirrors in the hallway impress with a variety of somewhat unusual designs

In our picture gallery you will find numerous models of wall mirrors that differ greatly in design. For example, their shape varies from round to square to irregular and unusual. Then the wall mirrors in the hallway differ according to the style in which they are made. Modern corridor mirrors show above all simple design and very clear shapes. In most cases, they have a narrow frame and look very elegant. These can be placed individually or in a group of two or more wall mirrors and form an eye-catching wall decoration in the hallway.

If you have a patterned wallpaper, then you don't need a big mirror. This would spoil the whole look. See some small mirrors better off.

A retro-style wall mirror fills the entire hallway with warmth.

Hallway mirrors are also available in retro style. These usually have wide frames decorated with antique elements. Some resemble the sun depending on their shape, others rely on used optics. Decorative wall mirrors in the classic-romantic country house style are very popular and in high demand in the hallway. They have wider solid wood frames, exude warmth and rustic charm, and blend seamlessly into any country-style hallway.

A totally attractive design in a country house style makes us dream of a cottage in the country.

Last but not least, we want to list the materials from which the mirror frames are made. These are also important for the design of the wall mirror. As just mentioned, hallway mirrors with wide frames made of solid wood are particularly suitable for country-style floorboards. These have interesting grain and look quite rustic. Then there are modern and classic hallway mirrors with metal frames. Here, above all, those made of steel and aluminum come into question. They can have ornate elements, but they are easier to maintain than the wooden frames.

Ornate mirror frame made of metal makes the wall mirror a great eye-catcher.

Of course, wall mirrors with frames made of plastic are very popular because the material is extremely light and it is easy to attach to the wall. In addition, you can use plastic to work out very unusual frame shapes and elements that bring the mirror to the fore better. Glass mirror frames are still a rarity in design, but that may change soon. Because many people are moving away from the ornate wall mirrors and opting for simple design, which is in line with the modern minimalist home trend.

Now browse our 100+ design ideas with decorative wall mirrors in the hallway and choose something that best suits your interior style and personal taste. The Freshideen editorial team wishes you lots of fun scrolling down!

This corner in the hallway is filled with a bit of a beach feeling.

While this one exudes more mysticism.

The following pictures show how important the lighting of the wall mirror in the hallway is.

The background also plays a part in the overall hallway design. The patterned wallpaper sets the tone here.

You can admire numerous unusual designs in our picture gallery!

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