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Find out in good time about current fashion trends for the coming autumn/winter season 2022

Don't be too sad that autumn is coming. He brings a lot of magical fashion trends with him. They are full of panache and rich, bold colors. Great clothes certainly manage to soothe the pain that the warm weather is over.

So look forward to the new season coming soon.

The new trends follow the old ones

In addition to the great lines and nuances, the new trends also bring other advantages. They are very practical and therefore inexpensive. Dresses and accessories from the new autumn/winter collections fit in very well with past fashion trends. They give us a lot of freedom to create great combinations of new and old things. Believe us: this feature will make you look even more original and fresh in winter.

Lovely mix of styles for the coming fall

Black makes everything right

You can combine the business look with sporty and comfortable trends. In autumn, when it is not too cold, you can wear sporty shoes made of a noble and elegant-looking fabric together with a chic black dress. Instead, great jeans with a simple and elegant sweater would also be acceptable. The last one should also be in black.

One should never forget the little black dress

Take less

Designers have really put a lot of effort into making our lives more comfortable for the upcoming season. The sports shoes are just one of the many aspects to remember in this regard.

Double use of the clothes is becoming more and more modern. Let's take sweaters as an example. They can be used both as a top and as an accessory in early autumn, when it's not that cold yet. In the morning you can put them on as normal.

If you get too warm at lunchtime or in the office, they can be wrapped around your neck as an accessory

Donna Karen and the Short Skirt Belts

In the upcoming autumn/winter season, many things will be combined that previously seemed impossible to combine. This combines, for example, the longing for short, elastic skirts in a retro style and the romantic tendencies towards long dresses. Donna Karen has combined them in her new clothing collections and is quite successful at that.

The skirts come in the form of belts around the stomach.

They ensure comfort and an extremely elegant appearance

The Long Gloves

Long elegant gloves that reach higher than the wrist can now accompany you on your way to the office. They are long, elegant and sensual. This season they are also considered serious. If that isn't good news for the ladies who always love to dress great!

An extra pinch of eleganceLuxury comes from different styles

Luxury and high fashion have different faces. Great dresses can look sporty or dazzlingly elegant. Unfortunately, until now you could hardly combine them if they were too different. But that is no longer the case! Now it is possible, because now luxury comes from the different styles! You can combine a wide sweater with a glamorous skirt.

So elegant and sporty at the same time, right?The timeless houndstooth pattern is of course included againModern femininity with a masculine undertoneSimple, long dresses are definitely trendyBlack, as one of the most elegant colours, is on the rise again

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