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Which is the best Greek island to visit? It's not an easy question though, as the answer depends on what you would like to experience.

Greece has countless beautiful islands. This means that beyond the obvious and legendary resorts of Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes, there are hundreds of alluring islands to choose from. There are actually countless mini-archipelagos to be explored here.

Greek Islands - Map of Greece

But which Greek islands can fully satisfy your needs? You can't visit them all to find the best island for you and your family. But what can you do in this case to find your dream island quickly? Research is of course the first step. Be well informed first and make an informed decision.

The islands of Greece attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every year

Which is the best Greek island for you?

To make your search for your dream Greek island easier, we have selected 7 of the best Greek islands and we would like to introduce them to you in a few words. Some of these belong to the Cyclades or Dodecanese archipelagos in the Aegean Sea and are relatively easily accessible via the port of Piraeus. And others have an airport and are directly accessible by plane. Find out which are these 7 Greek islands just below…

Clear water and fine sand are tempting for many tourists

1. Zakynthos - the best Greek island for you if you go on family vacation

There is a picture from Zante (that's what the Greek island of Zakynthos is still called) that shows the ultimate dream beach - namely Navagio Beach, or in other words the bay with the shipwreck. However, this is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

The famous bay with the shipwreck

Almost everyone knows the beautiful beach of Navagio from countless postcards advertising the Ionian island of Zakynthos. The beach can only be reached by boat and is definitely worth a visit. But it's not the only route that will make your Zkynthos vacation unforgettable. Another gorgeous sandy beach called Porto Limnionas is also on Zante and is in the list of the top 10 best beaches in Europe. Clear water, fine sand and turtles can be seen everywhere. And if you are planning a peaceful and fun-filled family vacation, Zante is most likely the best Greek island for you.

Zante - one of the best Greek islands for family holidays

2. Kefalonia - gourmets feel at the right place here

Kefalonia is located north of Zakynthos and also belongs to the Ionian Islands. Here you can taste some of the tastiest Greek speci alties. For example, meat pies, which in Greece are usually filled with tender veal and lamb, but pork is also a popular choice. The meat is cooked in a tomato and wine sauce and seasoned with garlic, cinnamon and nutmeg. And the local drink, Robola wine, pairs perfectly with it.

Discover the colorful beauty of Kefalonia

Another local dish you can enjoy is called stifado - the Greek equivalent of a stew. And strapatsada is a simple but delicious dish of fried eggs with tomatoes and olive oil.

So if you are dreaming of a culinary holiday, the Greek island of Kefalonia is the best choice for you.

Best Greek Island for Foodies

3: Rhodes - History is still alive here

Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans left their mark on this ancient island. Venetian fortresses, centuries-old temples and Gothic towers can be visited in Rhodes for hours. And the eponymous town of Rhodes is where most of the historical sites are found. Here you will be taken back to the Middle Ages. On the narrow streets of Rhodes you will find numerous museums, cafes and also a palace. It is therefore no wonder that the island has been protected by UNESCO since 1988.

So on the Greek island of Rhodes you will definitely have a magical time, especially if you are interested in history.

Rhodes - an island full of history

There are numerous historical sights to visit here

4. Santorini - You've come to the right place if you're in love, engaged or just married

Romantic souls must visit Santorini at least once in a lifetime. Here you will find striking sandy beaches, world-class wineries and beautiful sunsets. It seems like Santorini was made for honeymoons. The beautiful scenery combined with the man-made cottages, all painted in blue and white, creates a relaxed romantic atmosphere.

Santorini - pure romance!

This is the best Greek island for couples and newlyweds

In the small village of Oia, you can fully enjoy the sunset. And while most people don't come to Santorini for the beaches, there are some real natural beauties to be found here.

Enjoying life as a couple

5. Crete - the perfect island for hiking adventures

The mountainous landscape of Crete is a magnet for outdoor activities. If you like hiking and are looking for a sports holiday, Crete is the right place for you. Here you can walk relaxed through the villages and enjoy the beautiful landscape. For those wanting a bigger challenge, there is the Samaria Gorge. This 16-kilometer route is the longest in Europe, and it takes about four to seven hours to walk. There are numerous natural beauties along the way and if you are lucky you may also meet a wild Kri-kri goat. One of the highlights of this trail is crossing the Iron Gates, where the sheer walls narrow into a three meter high passage.

Crete is the largest Greek island - panorama from Peskesi, Heraklion

Kri Kri goats live wild on the island

But if you want to choose a less strenuous hiking route, then Imbros Gorge is a suitable option for you. At eight kilometers long, this route requires less time and effort, but the views are just as stunning.

Walking through the Iron Gates

6. Mykonos - Who partying want, come here

Intense nightlife and wild parties until sunrise transform Mykonos into an island of glamor that even overtakes the Spanish party island of Ibiza. The best DJs come here from all over the world and the night clubs and cocktail bars are packed with tourists and well-known and lesser-known celebrities. Greek island restaurants stay open really late, so one can enjoy leisurely dinners until late at night.

Party island of Mykonos at night

Well, if you're a party person, don't think twice. Book Airline Tickets To Greek Party Island Easily!

This is the best Greek island to party

7. Thassos - Here you can enjoy quiet relaxing moments

This relatively unknown Aegean island is traditionally Greek. Inland there are vineyards, olive groves and cozy villages, while the coast is dotted with a number of numerous sandy beaches. Here you can simply lie on the fine white sand and escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Giola is a popular place on Thassos

You will also find beautiful sandy beaches on this Greek island

Renting a car is the best way to explore the island, but don't expect the routes to be well signposted. This is also part of the mysterious charm of the island. Another alternative is to go mountain biking. There are many nature trails on Thassos and on the way back you always pass taverns and bars where you can enjoy the traditional Greek bouzouki music.

Thassos is one of the best Greek islands if you are looking for peace and quiet

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