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Innovative French furniture for perfect relaxation

Would you like a nap? The French design studio Smarin offers that and much more - French furniture with optimal ergonomics and a refined silhouette. The "thin ones" are the latest creation from the experienced designers at Smarin. They are made of special foam with different densities for better body adaptation when lying down. The individual loungers and footstools are covered with a soft polypropylene fabric. The whole furniture collection is characterized by soft, neutral colors such as cream, white, beige and grey. With the help of the curved lines and shapes of the pieces of furniture, you can actually create your own landscape quite comfortably and easily, both indoors and outdoors.

And in order to present the top quality, perfect comfort and he althy effect of the "thin", the experts from Smarin set up a kind of exhibition in Dubai. But it is by no means conventional and static. But on the contrary. This is a nap bar. Exactly, you got it right. A bar where you can officially sleep, e.g. B. during the lunch break. Especially on busy workdays, we all need such a great affair, don't we? Just lie down in between and switch off completely - wonderful! In the Nap Bar you can also enjoy a soothing tea and let yourself be pampered by light essential aromas. When you relax you also get a cuddly soft blanket that can also serve as a sleeping mask. Lullabies are even played to the slumbering bar visitors, which can really lull you to sleep.

French furniture with optimal ergonomics and modern design

For the more active or for those visitors who don't feel like taking a nap after all, there is the opportunity to read a book or meditate briefly. No matter what you choose, the entire spine relaxes gently and all muscles and joints recover when you relax on the furniture. In just a few minutes you'll feel like new - full of positive energy and invigorating powers.

Would such a bar also be something for you? Or would you like to be direct, without any Hesitating to buy such a "thin" couch?

Then take a look at everything again or go to the official Smarin website.

Have fun and stay relaxed!

Treat yourself to a relaxing lunch break!

You can also use the fluffy blankets as a sleeping mask

Open the window, let in fresh air and light!

The natural, curved shapes are perfectly adapted to the human body

You can combine the "thin ones" with the pendant lights and the filigree seating furniture from Smarin

Your children will simply love the furniture creations

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