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DIY shoe storage projects to suit everyone

Probably your shoe closet is also quite cluttered? If you can't find your shoes in the morning rush because you have to dig through a mountain of shoes, then you need an extra shoe rack. But did you realize that you can make one yourself?

So let's not waste any more time! In today's post, we'll show you how to build a practical shoe rack yourself…

There are actually a variety of alternative shoe rack designs on the market. Some of them are DIY and some are easy to buy.

In the following we would like to introduce you to such alternative shoe rack ideas. Get inspired and roll up your sleeves because then it's your turn to build a space-saving shoe rack yourself.

How to build a shoe rack yourself - over 40 inspiring pictures

DIY shoe rack ideas to make yourself

Spring is already around the corner and it's time to put away the winter shoes and bring out the spring shoes and sandals! If only it were easier to organize our shoes. For example, you can simply fold the old T-shirts and put them in the drawer. But if your loafers and slippers are making a pile of debris in the dressing room, there are many ways to clean up the mess. The following DIY projects can definitely help you with this. These show how to build a shoe rack yourself, are inexpensive and easy to make. Also, they are custom made and fitted to meet your needs.

Build your own space-saving shoe rack

Shoe storage in the entrance area

DIY shoe rack on the wall for high heel shoes

If you love your heels, show them off! First option - a disassembled picture frame is transformed into a wall-mounted rack. Second variant - buy wall moldings from the local hardware store, cut and paint them, then hang them on the wall and voila!

Storing women's shoes - it can be that easy!

DIY shoe rack space-saving

In small spaces such as entryways, this DIY shoe rack offers a compact and effective storage solution for various shoes, from lightweight sneakers to rubber boots.

This shoe rack definitely saves space

Space-saving wall shelf also for heels

Build your own wooden wall shelf for shoes

Save floor space by hanging your shoes on the wall, either behind the closet door or in the corner of the bedroom.

If your shoe collection is so big that it's causing you a problem, here's the answer - a fully-fledged piece of furniture designed specifically for all shoes. It closes different divided compartments so you can store your casual sneakers separately from your snowshoes.

Shoe racks made from Euro pallets - aesthetic ambience in the hallway

Transforming Wall Shelf Built from Wood

Child-friendly shoe racks made from Euro pallets

Shoe cabinet made of PVC pipes

You can usually hide the PVC pipes behind drywall, but here they take center stage and serve as the basis for a creative DIY shoe rack.

Easy Instructions for a Cardboard Tube Shoe Rack

Large plastic tubes become shoe racks

Create more order and storage space in your home and be creative! You can actually have a lot of fun with this DIY task. So set no limits to your creativity and build your own space-saving furniture. Here you will find more inspirational information on how to build a shelf yourself. Scroll down to see all DIY shoe racks…

Creative use of old skateboards

Industrial Atmosphere - Coat racks and shoe racks

Contemporary and DIY

Old worn ladder used as shoe racks

Yellow Picture Frames

Open shelving unit in the hallway

Mouldings and picture frames

Wall rail where ladies can hang their high heels

Trendy and chic made from repurposed materials

Colorfully painted wooden boxes

Intelligent and functional

Another idea for a wall rail

Round Rotating Shoe Racks

Simple but brilliant

From old wooden pallets

Wooden boxes are also highly recommended

Paint old ceiling moldings or wooden planks and attach them to the wall

If you like industrial style

Smart and environmentally friendly made of cardboard

Hide your shoes in the closet

Unusual DIY idea made of metal bar

Make an elegant shoe stand out of the old wooden ladder

Creating a vintage shoe rack from used mailboxes

Wooden ladder and sturdy wooden planks ensure stylish storage for your shoes

Get inspired!

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