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Would you like to sleep like on clouds every night? Then you are absolutely right on a high-quality visco foam mattress. Because this gives you a weightless, floating feeling while lying down and at the same time enables optimal ergonomics in bed. Below you can find out why, what advantages and disadvantages such a foam mattress has and what you should consider when buying it.

What is a memory foam mattress?

First you should know what viscose foam is. It is an innovative high-tech foam made of thermoelastic polymer. This means that viscose foam changes its elasticity depending on the temperature. The warmer, the softer the thermosensitive material becomes. Not for nothing was it developed by NASA in the 1970s for the seats of the spacecraft. In this way, the enormous pressure at the start was reduced to protect the astronauts. Colloquially, the visco foam is actually called "memory foam". Because when you press on it with your hand, the fabric gives way very quickly and then stays in this form for a few seconds even after you remove it.

That explains the optimal adjustment to the body contour that a good visco foam mattress offers. It is important to mention at this point that such a mattress not only consists of visco foam, but in most cases also of cold foam as a substructure. This prevents you from sinking into the mattress too much and ensures a correct position for your spine.

If you want to convince yourself of the comfort of a visco foam mattress, you can try first-class mattresses in Cologne, for example, which are made of high-quality foam. In well-established shops, you not only get the specialist advice you need, but you also have the opportunity to carry out the indispensable test lying in a relaxed manner.

Advantages and disadvantages of a visco foam mattress

First of all, it should be said that even the few disadvantages of these foam mattresses only apply in certain cases and everyone can consider them for themselves. But first, let's start with the many advantages of a Viscofoam mattress, above all the high point elasticity and optimal pressure relief. These properties of the visco foam ensure that the body weight of the person lying down is evenly distributed on the mattress. At the same time, the visco foam mattress immediately and perfectly adapts to the body and helps to create a supple, floating lying experience. Spine and back muscles as well as shoulders and hips in side sleepers are permanently relieved.

Visco foam mattresses are also very light and flexible. These can be turned around or rearranged relatively easily. They are also breathable and fairly durable. Their material properties are perfect for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, because mites and bacteria simply don't stand a chance in them. Similar to cold foam, visco foam is also an excellent heat accumulator. This can be beneficial for some people and disadvantageous for others. If you have back pain, joint pain or tense muscles, or if you often get cold feet, you can only benefit from such a mattress. While people who sweat too much at night or who sleep cold should opt for a different type of mattress. If you are a restless sleeper, the same applies, because changing lying positions too often can noticeably reduce the quality of sleep on a visco foam mattress.

What else should you consider when buying?

An important criterion for a high-quality visco foam mattress is the so-called density. This shows how high the material density is and should not be less than 45-55 kg/m³ in this case. A high number indicates good quality and durability of the mattress. The height of the protective substructure layer is also of fundamental importance for comfortable lying and must be considered in any case, especially with a larger body weight. A good height is at least 10 cm.

The compression hardness is always decisive when choosing a mattress. There are different degrees of hardness. However, these are not strictly standardized and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In principle, the rule applies: the taller and heavier a person is, the harder the mattress should be. The best way to determine the right degree of hardness is to try it out for a longer period of time.

Similar to other types of mattresses, high-quality visco foam mattresses also have zoning. In other words, they have different ergonomic lying zones that are designed for specific parts of the body are responsible. So be sure to pay attention to this when buying, as well as a removable mattress cover that is made of high-quality textiles, for example according to Öko-Tex® Standard 100. Of course, a good slatted frame is also part of your visco-foam mattress to improve air circulation and lying comfort to support more. This should then have at least 28 wooden slats or plate frames.

We hope our little guide will provide you with important, practical help in your search for your perfect visco foam mattress. Give yourself enough time for detailed expert advice and, above all, for a test bed and give yourself optimal lying comfort and restful sleep.

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