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Small tattoos for women have always been popular. But these have definitely been in vogue for some time now. Especially tattoo newbies and women who have never had a tattoo before decide on a filigree, subtle tattoo. On the one hand, the small stitches don't hurt at all and on the other hand, they are generally not that noticeable. Depending on the part of the body, small tattoos suit almost every lifestyle and age. Here are 50+ great examples of small tattoos that are sure to inspire you.

Small tattoos are trendy

Tiny stars, crescents, birds, anchors and hearts are clearly among the classic symbols that continue to be popular tattoos. For some time now, however, fonts, heartbeat symbols, Sanskrit designs and entire star constellations have also been in great demand. Although each individual motif has its specific meaning, every tattoo wearer also interprets her tattoo in a very special way and appreciates it in particular. So it sometimes happens that tattoo symbols that used to have a very specific meaning are simply trendy today and can mean something completely different.

Small tattoos with meaning for women always look very subtle

A great example of this are small tattoos that only consist of dots, more precisely three dots. The so-called three-point tattoo is already very popular and is even worn by stars such as Beyoncé, for example. But when it comes to the meaning of this tattoo, opinions are divided. Some say the three dot tattoo is actually a prison tattoo and only ex-inmates wear it.

Others explain it as a symbol of faith, love and hope and still others see it as the holy trinity of Christianity.

For many girls, the three-point tattoo is simply a symbol of friendship

Graphic, small tattoos are back in fashion

As dotwork or simply engraved in clean thin lines, minimalist tattoo motifs are just as en vogue. Small arrows on the forearm, for example, not only look very effective, but also bring a kind of subtle drama with them at the same time. As well as Japanese-style stormy waves in the shape of a heart on the wrist or ankle.

Small tattoos go perfectly with fine jewellery

Strong waves, great love

Beautiful, small tattoos with Far Eastern overtones

Where are small tattoos tattooed the most?

There are no fixed rules for this. However, you should think carefully about where exactly you want your tattoo before you get it. Maybe your job or lifestyle doesn't really allow you to have tattoos on conspicuous parts of your body, or maybe this is your first tattoo in life and you want to take it easy. Depending on the individual conditions and personal preferences, you can then determine the perfect spot for the small tattoo. It is recommended that this part of the body be one that can sometimes be hidden with a piece of clothing if necessary. Such parts of the body are, for example, the neck, especially directly under the hairline, the hips and the genital area as well as the lower back.

The Indian lotus is a very popular, spiritual tattoo motif

The infinity symbol is often associated with everlasting love

Interestingly enough, many people prefer those parts of the body that can hardly be covered, such as fingers and wrists, both sides of the neck, ankles and lower legs, as well as shoulders and ears.

Very small tattoos stand out very discreetly, even on very conspicuous parts of the body

Finger tattoos are making a comeback

Not infrequently, small tattoos for women even play a role as permanent jewelry instead of rings, necklaces or bracelets. Then symbols such as crowns, diamonds, stars and feathers are particularly popular. There are even married couples who don't buy wedding rings but simply have them tattooed on their fingers as a sign of everlasting love.

The crown - a popular, majestic symbol that represents exclusivity and coolness

Although the crown also has other meanings such as loy alty, self-control, luxury and authority, this one often becomes simple so stung. Especially as a small tattoo behind the ear, this symbol is particularly popular with both women and men.

A crown tattoo has a sexual implication

Family or friendship tattoos are also highly recommended in their small version. These can be safely worn by people of any age and any profession. It's not just good friends who get tattooed together. Sometimes mothers do that with their daughters.

Tattoo motifs such as crescents, stars and writings are very popular with women in such cases

It is often common affirmations that stand for friendship

A great example of friendship tattoo for girls - the girl power tattoo

Regardless of whether it is a friendship tattoo or a very individual one, the inner child in you can definitely be expressed. And this works best with colourful, playful tattoo motifs. They can be from fairy tales, cartoons or just creatively created. Wanderlust small tattoos for women are also particularly popular and are preferred by many adventurous ladies.

There are hardly any limits to your imagination here

The dandelion was and is such a fairytale symbol that is timeless and universal

If you have already decided on small tattoos, then take a look at the other inspirations in our picture gallery and choose your favorite motif. Or maybe you don't find it here at all, but you invent it yourself, with the help of your tattoo artist. After you already have your concrete tattoo motif in front of your eyes, sleep on it one night and don't make any decisions that are too hasty. Because tattoos can be removed again, but it is relatively painful and expensive. Of course, the body part for the tattoo should also suit you and your lifestyle. Of course, small tattoos for men are also very effective and just as popular.

Have fun choosing a tattoo and good luck with the piercing!

How about a few little birds in the Shoulder-neck area?

Of course it can also just be a tiny swallow

These mini swallows are often accompanied by a suitable font

Just like filigree flower or heart tattoos

Dream catchers are clearly one of the most popular tattoo motifs for women

Just like arrows and feathers

With the heart as a tattoo symbol, you can experiment in many ways

The hip heartbeat tattoo

The anchor symbol is one of those timeless tattoos par excellence

Small crescents, stars, suns and flowers can be tattooed just about anywhere

Small animals and animal tracks are of course also classics

Just let your imagination run wild when choosing your tattoo and listen to your inner voice!

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