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Make your kitchen more attractive than ever with wall panels

When furnishing the kitchen, you pay extra attention to the wall design. Then you are faced with the choice between wall tiles and wall panels when it comes to designing the rear wall of the kitchen. Did you also come at that time?

Then you absolutely have to decide for one or the other variant. What are you more inclined towards? If you are still in doubt as to which solution would be better for your own kitchen, then take a look at these 60 Kitchen Wall Panels Ideas, which we have collected for you in an exciting picture gallery. We guarantee you'll get the incentive to incorporate wall panels into your kitchen!

Gloss kitchen wall panels give the cooking space a unique character

Tiles are becoming more and more common in contemporary kitchens, so they are somehow considered a common solution for kitchen backsplashes as well. But if you want to give your kitchen more character, Kitchen Wall Panels are a good choice. This not only gives your kitchen an extra dose of attractiveness, but also a modern look with a functional touch.

Kitchen wall panels - An illuminated kitchen splashback is functional and attractive

Design a modern kitchen splashback

Unusual wall panels with 3D surface

Kitchen wall panels - the best building materials

If you make the decision to design the kitchen back wall with wall panels, you then come to the next question: What should these be made of? The materials to choose from are really numerous. Depending on the material, your kitchen splashback can appear as real art and not just a kitchen wall. With a beautiful kitchen splashback you give your kitchen more style than in any other way. Attractive kitchen splashbacks catch the eye because they are real eye-catchers in the room. So benefit from the visual advantages of the kitchen splashback. So it's easy to combine functionality with good looks these days.

Cool kitchen splashback made of glass

Set accents in the kitchen design with the kitchen back panel

Wood Structure Kitchen Wall Panels

Beautiful kitchen splashback refreshes the kitchen design

Painting the wooden panels

Elegant kitchen splashback in black gives the kitchen even more style

Material matters, even when it comes to quality. Should it be glass or wood? Or are acrylic and aluminum better suited for the kitchen splashback? Stone and steel are also great for the kitchen splashback. When choosing the material, it is also important to ensure that it is easy to clean, because the main function of the kitchen wall panels is to protect the kitchen wall from stains and other damage! The possibility of integrating shelves, lighting and decoration is also an important criterion. The design options are by no means exhausted with good looks! And if your kitchen has a sloping ceiling, here are the best tips for it.

Design a kitchen splashback that immediately draws attention


Wooden Panel With Open Shelves

Wall Panels with Marble Look

Open kitchen with open wall shelves on the back wall of the kitchen

Chic kitchen splashback

Wood panels create a rustic feel in the kitchen

Kitchen splashback ideas with wall panels

Black accents in the white kitchen

Stylish wood texture takes the kitchen to a higher level

Design the kitchen stylishly and functionally

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