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Fortunately, many people still enjoy reading! We think it's great that the book is still a good friend of ours today! But if reading turns into a hobby, the bookmark becomes indispensable… Because everyone has to admit that losing the page is unpleasant! So bookmarks come into play very cleverly… Bookworms in particular prove it: In cases when you read several books at the same time, bookmarks are a must.

That's exactly why we're dealing with the topic of "making bookmarks". There are numerous bookmark ideas that you can make yourself. We would like to present some of them to you below. Just read on and get inspired by the homemade bookmarks below…

Make bookmarks and decorate the books

How to make bookmarks yourself?

The following gallery of images is a great example of how bookmarks also bring good vibes. Of course, you can also make bookmarks yourself. Ideas abound on how and what to make a bookmark. Colorful, fun and creative, bookmarks can be a reason to spend more time crafting with the kids. Because children can let their imagination run wild and make beautiful bookmarks themselves. Paper, fabric, wire, clips, popsicle sticks… These are all ideal for all kinds of creative bookmark ideas that you can also make with your children.

Make bookmarks with children - creative ideas

Cut out colorful children's palms

Children's Bookmarks

Easy Homemade Paper Bookmarks

Corner bookmarks kids love

Fun animals and monsters bookmarks to encourage children to read

Popsicle sticks please do not throw away!

Minion Bookmarks

Corner bookmarks are particularly popular, but any model could be created. Classic bookmarks can look particularly attractive, and amigurumi bookmarks evoke fascination. Let's see what shapes, motifs and materials you can use for your very special bookmarks!

Fold paper bookmarks and write on them with love

Bookmarks are still called bookmarks - simple craft ideas for adults

Make bookmarks out of paper

Book fans take care of their books and carefully mark which side they are on. As a real book fan you could express your love for books with beautiful self-made bookmarks. Here we must emphasize that bookmarks are an excellent craft idea for the kids. Children only like to do handicrafts with paper. So let them cut, fold and glue colored paper and create whimsical bookmarks!

Homemade bookmarks can look so atypical!

Bookmark geishas impress with attention to detail

Make origami bookmarks yourself

Paper also creates beautiful origami bookmarks. Put this on the corner of the page and decorate the book in this way. The textbooks also get a completely new look in this way.

Origami flower perfectly fulfills the role of a corner bookmark

Fresh ideas for the kids

Bookmark Ideas with Tassels

If you can't remember the page number and don't want to bookmark anything, why not make one yourself? This could look quite simple but be embellished with a tassel. Use patterned cardstock or plain cardboard. This classic bookmark will no doubt come in handy!

Tassels and ribbons give the bookmarks a playful look

Use felt and make modern bookmarks yourself

If you want to find the right page quickly, don't do without bookmarks! Craft these even myself! Felt and matching thread might be all you need to create a real work of art!

DIY felt heart bookmark for romantics…

Homemade Leather Bookmarks

Using leather to create a beautiful bookmark is a good idea. Because leather makes bookmarks look very classy. You could make corner bookmarks entirely out of leather, or combine leather with other materials.

Leather popsicle sticks are attractive and catch the eye

Cute Leather Corner Bookmarks in Assorted Colors

Creative bookmark ideas to use as gifts

If you're wondering what gift to choose for a good friend, you could make a bookmark yourself and turn it into a special gift if the occasion allows. Christmas and Valentine's Day are particularly good times to give presents to a relative or friend who likes to read. A nice bookmark would certainly be a small but nice gesture that expresses attention and thoughtfulness… Bookmarks are also a cool gift for Mother's and Father's Day that lets your soul dangle…

Give Valentine's Heart Bookmarks

Not only bookworms remain enthusiastic about the cool bookmarks, which can be created by anyone without much effort. Go in search of the most suitable design and create real jewels for your books! We are sure you can make beautiful original bookmarks!

We wish you a pleasant free time and happy reading!

A nice bookmark makes reading even more fun

Clip and buttons make a great duo for a modern bookmark

Spice up with tassels

Creative DIY idea for the little ones

Let your children color the bookmark themselves

Monster Bookmarks are Funny

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