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It does not necessarily have to be the large sleeve or back tattoo, masculinity does not have to be stated. This can appear much more authentic and autonomous through small signs and gestures. This is also fully true when it comes to tattoos. It is not for nothing that small tattoos for men are becoming more and more popular. More and more women are attracted to it and find subtle symbols on a man's skin much more attractive and mysterious. If you're already toying with the idea of getting a small trendy tattoo, you've come to the right place. Because today we're going to show you 70 unique small tattoos that are classic or trendy, among which there is sure to be something for everyone.

Single Line Tattoos

Small tattoos done with just one uninterrupted line have been trending for a while now. They look very understated and tasteful and suit all kinds of body parts, depending on your personal preferences and specific lifestyle. Of course, the motif can also be freely selected. In this look, both classic motifs such as anchors, flowers and hearts as well as zodiac signs or various artistic ink creations look very effective.

Small tattoos men - a great alternative to large tattoos

The anchor symbolizes hope, home and love

Aries zodiac sign on the back of the hand in one-line optics

Indicated Female Face Forearm Tattoo

Geometric Small Tattoos Men

This cool kind of tattoos is still very trendy and preferred by many men and women. Not only triangles or circles have to be cut, but above all different figures like this wolf below. The straight lines suggest clarity and simplicity. The geometric elements themselves are often full of symbolism and are sufficient as a tattoo motif.

The wolf is a popular symbol of masculinity, bravery and strength

Colorful Triangle - The Omnipresent Trinity of the Universe

An unusual 3 D variant for the forearm

Tattoos behind the ear

Not only women can enjoy these tattoos, but also men get tattoos behind the ear more and more often. Not only is it trendy and cool, but it also looks subtle and a bit mysterious. Very often wings and crowns can be seen as motifs, but also small crosses, anchors or Chinese characters. The trend is also extremely popular among stars and starlets and can be found again and again on many photos on Instagram.

Master incised small wing tattoo behind ear

Combine clef with heartbeat - an excellent tattoo idea

Blackwork small crown

One Word Tattoos

Lettering tattoos have been popular for a long time. You can have a favorite quote or a motivational message engraved on your skin in any font. The so-called One Word Tattoos are also highly recommended in this context and are among the trendiest of all. You simply choose a strong, expressive word and use it to succinctly express what you believe or view that concerns you most.

One Word Tattoos executed in typewriter style are real eye-catchers

Wanderlust tattoos in this look are very often preferred by digital nomads

Small Partner Tattoos

What makes every woman's heart beat faster is the joint decision for a partner tattoo, provided your partner likes tattoos. This is how two people show their belonging and affection for each other and how important their relationship is. The choice of motifs here is quite wide and varied. The couple can choose little hearts, clefs, sun and moon, heartbeat, flying birds, infinity symbols and much more. It is not uncommon for specific messages or declarations of love to be engraved, as well as mutually complementary symbols such as half hearts, half moons, triangles, etc.

Couple Tattoo Heartbeat on ForearmBe on the same music waveA triangular interpretation of yin and yangRomantic declaration of love for infinityIn the following you will find a lot of fancy ideas for small tattoos for men, which you can put on any part of your body. Take your time to look at all of them and think about which motif is more suitable for you.Geometrically interpreted mountains on the forearmA cool idea for passionate anglersMinimalist view of spaceTrendy Bracelets Tattoos in BlackworkDot tattoos are favored by manyOne Line Friendship TattooWritings on front thighMysterious Signs on the wrist

Cool idea for Harry Potter fansA classic mini anchor on the neckOr a cute little baby foot on the forearm as a sign of fatherly pride…

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