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Everyone has experienced it: Suddenly the hiccups start and all plans are gone. There is nothing else you can do. The only thing that matters is how to get rid of the hiccups. There are countless methods and you could try one or more of them. We have selected 10 that we believe are particularly effective and, to a certain extent, pleasant.

Hold your breath - that helps!

How do hiccups even happen?

How does it actually happen that the hiccups occur in the first place? These are uncontrollable spasms of the diaphragm. They can be provoked by different causes. These are, for example, alcohol, food, very cold drinks, various strong emotions or even colds.

In general, stress of various kinds could cause hiccups. In relation to this, you should also choose the method by which you stop it too! A little later on that.

Think carefully about what caused the hiccups!

10 proven ways to get rid of hiccups

Hold your breath

This is the most common way to get rid of hiccups. You should hold your breath for a few seconds. Some people use a paper bag to help them. This will saturate your blood with carbon dioxide. The effect is usually immediate.

Honey and ice cubes in the mouth could stop the hiccups

Drink small sips of water

Have a glass of water and slowly sip it up. To do this, it would be particularly helpful if you held your breath.

Quick drinking of warm water

You can also get rid of your hiccups with a glass of warm water. You should drink this one up on Ex. Make sure it's not very hot, you could burn your throat.

A paper bag helps to hold your breath longer

A spoonful of honey

Just a spoonful of honey could be enough to make you get rid of the hiccups. You need a spoonful of it in your mouth for a few minutes. Let the honey melt there. Don't drink any water!

A thin slice of lemon

A thin slice of lemon under the tongue for a few minutes could have a very beneficial effect. For many people, this is enough for the hiccups to stop.

A dry piece of bread

You could hold a piece of dry bread in your mouth for a few minutes. The longer you do this, the greater the effect. You can also proceed in a similar way with ice cubes.

To stop the hiccups, some people eat something spicy!

Half a teaspoon of vinegar

You could dissolve half a teaspoon of vinegar in water and drink it all up. Usually that would also help get rid of the hiccups.

Pressing your ears with your hands

Another best practice would be to press against the ears with your hands. This will calm the nerve spikes and would usually help get rid of the hiccups.

Dill Seeds

The other method we can offer you is chewing dill seeds. This also calms the nerves and thus stops the hiccups.

Drink the water in small sips!

Stress against hiccups

The cause of a problem is often the solution to it. This rule has proven itself in many areas of life. When hiccupping, it also applies in full force. When you were a child, do you remember being put in a moderately stressful situation on purpose to stop the hiccups? This could be a lie, for example, that you did something wrong or that a favorite object of yours has disappeared? Did that work? As an adult, you can think creatively and cause yourself he althy stress. For example, you can eat something spicy or take a contrast bath. This has an immediate effect on many people!

Lukewarm water on ex - this way you can get rid of the hiccups

Choose the right method

As mentioned earlier, the hiccups are usually caused by some sort of physical or mental stress. It could be a cold or a sudden change in temperature. Psychological stress is traumatic situations and tension. You could be at an exact Analysis determine for yourself what exactly was the case with you. The methods with honey and spices, which lead to general mental relaxation, are more suitable for the second case. If the problem is physical, then resort to the more "primitive" methods - the bread and the ice cream.
Finally, we want to advise you: you should resort to a method that is easy for you and of some kind and way is comfortable for you. In this way you will also carry them out as desired with great effectiveness.

Caution: If you have chronic or prolonged hiccups, you should see a doctor as soon as possible!

We wish that from now on your hiccups will only be caused by positive stress or sudden good news!

Colds can be the cause of hiccups!

Hiccups - this is usually not such a big problem!

If the hiccups become chronic, you need to see a doctor

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