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The magnificent cherry blossoms (桜 sakura in Japanese) herald the climax of spring every year in Japan. At the same time, they are considered one of the most important symbols of Japanese culture and are omnipresent in many areas of life. Of course, the magnificent flowers are not only so popular in the Far East. They are also particularly appreciated in this country and all over the world where they are known. It is therefore no wonder that many get a cherry blossom tattoo. Find out below what the different meanings behind the cherry blossom are. You will also find a lot of original tattoos here that will give you plenty of inspiration for your next tattoo.

Celebrate eternal spring with a cherry blossom tattoo!

What is the meaning of a cherry blossom tattoo?

The cherry blossom is not only perfect for a romantic room or table decoration, but also often and gladly stung as a meaningful tattoo motif. It looks enchanting both large-scale and minimalistic, just as a single flower.

Unfortunately, this breathtaking feast for the eyes can only be enjoyed in nature for a very short time. The cherries bloom for a maximum of two weeks and then fade again. Like spring itself, cherry blossoms stand for perfect beauty, departure and new beginnings as well as for the eternal cycle of life in many cultures and countries.

A delicate cherry blossom tattoo is particularly beautiful on a female shoulder

Cherry Blossom Meaning in Japan

In Japan, however, the cherry blossoms are particularly revered. They are deeply rooted in Japanese tradition and culture and even connected to the national pride of the Japanese. Since time immemorial, numerous events have been organized throughout the country during the cherry blossom season, also known as hanami, which means “to look at the blossoms”. Every year from mid-March to early April, the Japanese islands transform into a fabulous, blooming fairy tale of pink and white. It is not for nothing that the cherry blossom season in Japan is already known all over the world and by many foreign tourists visited en masse.

Hanami in Japan - an indescribable experience

The cherry blossom is also a symbol for the life of the samurai, the noble warriors. They were the Emperor's staunchest protectors in pre-industrial Japan, and their code of conduct and philosophy are still reflected in many areas of politics and culture in this remarkable country today. On the way of the warrior (jap. bushidō) the samurai learned to perceive life in every breath, because it is extremely short and can end at any moment.

Cherry Blossom Meaning in China

In other Asian countries, such as China, cherry blossoms are just as popular, although they have a slightly different meaning here. They stand for beauty and femininity as well as for sexuality and inner strength. The Chinese also believe that cherry blossoms bring good luck and blessings. That's why the beautiful flowers are an indispensable part of the wedding decoration in spring and are worn by many brides as hair accessories.

A great cherry blossom tattoo idea - the combination with the crescent moon

In Buddhism, the cherry blossom also symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and wisdom

How much does a cherry blossom tattoo cost?

If you've ever had a tattoo then you probably know that this is a pretty relative question. It depends on the size of the tattoo and the technique used to pierce it. Depending on the time and work involved, the tattoo artist will then make you a price proposal. Of course, the price also depends on the quality of the materials. It is not uncommon for the experience and reputation of the tattoo artist to be just as decisive for the pricing. Just have an in-depth conversation before the actual tattooing and discuss all the important details so that the end result is a win-win situation.

And here are the rest of the cherry blossom tattoo ideas that we have collected for you. Have fun being amazed and good luck with the selection and getting stung!

Delicate and minimalist as a delicate symbol of beauty

A tattoo like this is also perfect behind the ear

Large cherry blossom tattoos have an even more special appeal

Cherry blossoms are often combined with lettering

or supplemented with other symbols

In a 3D variant, such a tattoo is particularly beautiful

Or do you prefer the trendy watercolor engraving technique?

Depending on your taste and gut feeling, you can choose the best cherry blossom tattoo

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