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Summer is not far off and the most beautiful season is bound to come sooner than expected. Now we are already looking forward to pleasant coffee hours in the cool of the morning and cozy dinners on the balcony. Is your balcony already designed so that you can spend a lot of time outside? If not, then our clever balcony ideas will be of great use to you. First of all, you don't have to hang your head if you only have a limited balcony space. Even the smallest balcony can be transformed into a small outdoor paradise. There you can spend numerous romantic hours while protecting your privacy. Don't forget, it depends little on the size of your balcony and much more on the atmosphere you want to create there. The next clever balcony ideas can be a good source of inspiration for you and give you the incentive to make the small balcony homely!

Get the most out of your small balcony with our clever balcony ideas… .

… and create a little green paradise outside!

To give you even more encouragement, we also want to present some statistics. About half of all German apartments have a balcony. In every big city, however, the balconies are only a few square meters in size. Many people are of the opinion that nothing can be done in such a limited area. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The next balcony ideas show exactly the opposite. Using clever tips and tried-and-tested tricks, we will show you how to create a great oasis of well-being for the summer even on the small balcony! For example, some greenery on the balcony gives the impression of a garden. Green plants, herbs, fragrant flowers and succulents reinforce the holiday feeling. Comfortable furniture and cozy blankets, big floor pillows and small chairs would also fit there, depending on your style, taste and personal preference. You can convince yourself of this with us in words and pictures!

You can always enjoy beautiful Enjoy panoramic views.

Or relax outdoors, well shielded and out of sight.

  • What purpose should the design of a small balcony serve?

Before you start with the clever balcony ideas for an outdoor design, you must be clear about how you want to use the small balcony in the future. Do you want this small outdoor space to be your retreat? Or do you want to spend every free minute in the summer outside instead of going to the nearby park? Do you have enough space for a grill or is grilling on the balcony out of the question for you? These are all questions that you have to answer for yourself first. With a concrete plan in mind, every balcony design is child's play.

How do you want to use the small balcony in the future?

The purpose of use then largely determines the style of furnishing and design. The range of possibilities for a small balcony ranges from classic and rustic to modern and Far Eastern to minimalist and puristic. Outside, you can also combine elements from the different styles to create a harmonious picture. Ultimately, it is important that you feel comfortable on your small balcony, that you find inner peace and relaxation. However, the overall design, which you make according to your own taste and personal style, contributes a lot to this.

Small Buddha figures and other decorative elements can bring a Far Eastern flair to your balcony.

  • Clever balcony ideas for the floor design

All balcony ideas presented here aim to create more comfort and coziness outdoors. In most cases, however, these start with the ground. One often thinks in advance that the balcony should be an extension of the interior to the outside. For this reason, its floor design must be in full visual harmony with the floor inside. At least in color they must be well coordinated. You have great balcony ideas for the floor design to choose from. Plain or finely patterned tiles are often the first choice as they are durable and weather resistant. Then there are other options such as wooden panels or rather clickable wooden tiles that are easy to lay. Since the area is limited, laying the floor would not require a lot of money and time. in the You can also find special balcony carpets made of synthetic fibers in specialist shops. These defy wind and sun well and contribute enormously to the comfort on the balcony.

When it comes to floor design on the small balcony, you can easily feel overwhelmed.

Tile, artificial grass or a colorful balcony carpet?

What would be best for you and your comfort?

  • What outdoor furniture fits your limited balcony space?

According to your predetermined purpose and style, you can choose the small balcony outdoor furniture. Consider the space available and get started! If you want to be practical and don't want to spend extra money on new balcony furniture, try using your old pieces of furniture outside. These can be repurposed a bit and then they are ready for use. For example, a small table and two old chairs can get a new finish and serve you faithfully for many more years, but this time outside. If you have enough space for a small sofa on the balcony, consider yourself lucky. Your very own relaxation zone could be created there! One or a maximum of two floor cushions would also be a great idea.

Give your old furniture a second chance!

Wall cladding and outdoor furniture made of wood are very trendy.

Create a cozy reading corner: a warm throw blanket in beautiful saturated nuances is the visual accent on this balcony.

Then come the textiles that create the actual atmosphere outside. Here we mean the tablecloth, throw blankets, furniture upholstery and poufs, which should visually match the floor covering and wall design. Only with cleverly selected colors can you create a uniform picture outdoors! First, think of a color palette that pleases your eyes and makes you relax. We would recommend soft pastel shades like beige, gray and sky blue. You can also opt for yellow, pink or purple for a definitive feminine touch. These also go perfectly with all wood tones.

Soft colors, soft textures and light wood create a very appealing atmosphere outside.

If you like visual accents, then set them in saturated colors like red, burgundy or emerald green. Balcony design in the color duo white and black is always very eye-catching. One in white and navy blue brings a definite holiday feeling to the balcony. The entire color scheme on the small balcony does not have to look overloaded. On the contrary, it has to appear rather airy and as natural as possible and visually enlarge the limited area.

Green plants are an absolute must on every balcony.

This protective screen made of bamboo is definitely one of the best balcony ideas.

  • Embed a mini-balcony in green and visually separate it

The next balcony ideas aim to combine the greening of the small balcony with the privacy screen outside. This is quite possible if you choose the right balcony plants and then place them cleverly. Since the space outside is not big enough, we recommend you to go up. That means attaching flower pots and troughs to the balcony railing, designing a wall like a vertical garden and surrounding yourself with lots of greenery. In this way, you secure a functional privacy screen that brings a strong dose of nature to your small balcony. Bamboo or bamboo mats serve this very purpose, to protect you from prying eyes. Flower pots and flower boxes on the site can be planted with hanging flowers or those that grow tall. In both cases you are optically protected again.

Green plants are all-rounders on the small balcony.

We have reported on suitable plants for the small balcony in other articles on our website. Here we want to give you more balcony ideas for greening outside, which are actually very practical. If your balcony is not far from the kitchen, then you can create a mini herb garden outside. For example, plant a flower trough with rosemary and basil, and also cultivate parsley, sage or mint, why not lavender too. These are excellent and quite useful balcony ideas that emphasize the natural look outside and provide a fresh scent. It also protects you well from small insects on warm summer evenings. Another important plus point that you should definitely consider when planting on the balcony.

A narrow balcony without green plants looks bare off.

Clever balcony ideas for outdoor lighting will transport you to paradise in the evening.

  • Practical balcony ideas for outdoor lighting

Last but not least, we want to draw your attention to practical balcony ideas for outdoor lighting. In short, put lots of large and small candles outside and make yourself comfortable in the evening. Lanterns and fairy lights are also a must, ensuring your relaxation on summer evenings. And don't forget, every aspect of balcony design requires your imagination and creativity! These will help you to make a small balcony like an outdoor paradise.

A decorative lantern with a candle makes a big difference.

Conclusion: As you can see, it is not at all easy to design a small balcony tastefully and stylishly. That's why the clever balcony ideas never end. Hope they also help you create a little outdoor paradise.

Practical balcony ideas for your own personal relaxation zone!

If you like it colourful… .

… . or prefer the puristic style?

The balcony must be seen as an extension of the interior to the outside.

A sofa can also fit on the small balcony.

A little green refreshes the gray surroundings.

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