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Do you want to spend your next vacation in the great outdoors? There you can explore the surrounding area on a daily basis and be far away from the noise and dirt of the big city for days. Doesn't that sound like a dream? Certainly yes for millions of city kids, but in a Hobbit House this dream can become a reality. In the following we give you just one example, which is striking enough and brings out the peculiarities of organic architecture well. It is also considered to be the model of the Hobbit House in principle. Surprisingly, it easily blends into nature, so you can hardly see it from afar. Stay tuned and let us surprise you too!

Is this what the architecture of the future will look like?

  • Who are the hobbits?

First things first! Before we go to the hobbit house, let's explain who the hobbits are. In short, these are human-like mythical creatures that faithfully dwell in pristine landscapes. They are still called halflings because their growth varies between 60 cm and 120 cm.

They were originally made famous by the novels by J.R.R.Tolkien, where they inhabit the fantasy world of Middle-earth. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were successfully filmed in 2001-2003 by the New Zealand screenwriter and director Peter Jackson. His trilogy The Lord of the Rings was awarded a total of 17 Oscar titles, three of which went to the director. Since the first film premiere, the cave dwellers have enjoyed ever-increasing popularity. The huge success of films about hobbits and their way of life was the real reason for the establishment of a new film genre, namely fantasy.

The human imagination knows no bounds.

The fact that the hobbits speak a language that never actually existed is also interesting. Their naming is believed to derive from the word kuduk or kûd-dûkan, meaning burrow dwellers. the Home of the hobbits is the hilly Shire, where they live in cave-like houses. A hobbit house has round doors and windows and blends organically into the landscape without encumbering it in any way. Hobbits' motto in life is to be peaceful and undisturbed by the outside world. Her singular solitude and balanced lifestyle have found numerous fans worldwide. That's why holiday resorts have been built in the midst of beautiful and lonely landscapes that imitate the original, the Hobbit House.

This hobbit house is the perfect vacation spot for anyone looking for close contact with the great outdoors.

The green grass cover makes the hobbit house almost invisible.

  • A Hobbit House is a unique organic structure set in the great outdoors

Our pictures show you a Hobbit House which is a typical example of a cave house. It is perfectly integrated into the surrounding area and therefore remains almost invisible to passers-by. Designed in 1985 by the renowned Mexican architect Javier Senosiain, the house is a typical example of organic architecture that takes its form from nature and has the least possible impact on the environment. The green area all around invites you to take pleasant walks or to linger longer in the fresh air.

Futuristic and completely natural forms go hand in hand here.

"Walking in the garden means walking on the roof of the house without realizing it," said Senosiain. The Mexican architect is famous for his organic architecture. He built houses inspired by the shape of a snake, a shark and a flower, unique specimens of this architecture. His goal has always been to create a unique building structure that looks like the caves of prehistoric man and inscribes itself seamlessly with the natural environment.

The ingenious design of Mexican architect Javier Senosiain.

Senosiain reflected on the impact of bioclimatic conditions on the physical and psychological well-being of residents, using trees and bushes in its construction. They form green barriers that filter strong sunlight, cool indoor spaces and protect the house from dust and noise. For example, the roof is covered with grass, protecting the hobbit house from heat and Cold. This also ensures a pleasant interior temperature.

The transition between inside and outside is seamless.

The glass wall lets a lot of sunlight into the interior of the house, making it bright and warm.

  • What does the inside of the Hobbit House look like?

Although the inside of this Hobbit House looks like an underground cave, it is connected to the outside by a large glass wall. Inside, the walls, ceilings and built-in furniture are made of iron cement that has been further worked and covered with a layer of marble powder and white cement.

There are two chairs in the living room that stand out due to their unique design. One is handmade by Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg and the other is a work by Eero Aarnio.

You don't have to do without comfort in this hobbit house.

Strangely, this semi-buried house turns out to be sunnier and brighter than traditional houses. In a hobbit house, windows can be anywhere, and well-formed domes allow sunlight to enter from above. Ventilation is facilitated by the house's aerodynamic shape, which allows free air circulation.

The house resembles a peanut shell and consists of two rooms connected by a narrow passage. The first oval chamber is a large interior space where the living, dining and sleeping areas are located. From here another tunnel leads to the second chamber where the sleeping alcoves are located.

Round shapes, vaulted ceilings… .

… characterize this futuristic architecture.

Nature is the greatest role model here!

These are rooms whose changing lighting conditions and shapes are adapted to people's natural rhythms. In this hobbit house, the furniture is perfectly integrated into the environment. Access from one room to another is barrier-free, which facilitates communication between residents. Modern man needs just that to find his way back to his roots. If you want to live lifelike, you would feel in the right place in a Hobbit House. However, it is worth trying for everyone to have at least one vacation surrounded by nature to spend, right?

In this hobbit house everyone can spend a unique and unforgettable holiday.

This is what the bathroom in the cave house looks like.

The bookcase is built into the wall.

Nature can be observed day and night.

Or explore them yourself.

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