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The warmer days are getting closer and closer. Soon we should also clean our terrace. Because that creates a cozy atmosphere in which we feel much more comfortable. Don't see this as a chore! Cleaning the patio can actually be a nice change of pace on a sunny day. You enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise and get ready for the summer mood! Here we have seven tips with which everything works perfectly.

Terrace tiles with a wood look are cleaned differently than those made of real wood!

1. Evaluate the material

There are terrace slabs made of different materials. They require different care products accordingly. Proper selection of these is crucial. If you choose the wrong one, you could actually ruin the patio tiles. It's not just about the aesthetic effect.

In some cases you can also damage the surface and even make it more slippery or dangerous. So make sure you have the right funds on hand!

First of all, you have to sweep the terrace!

2. Choosing the right care products

Here we continue with the first point. When you clean the terrace, you need to choose the right care products. You have two options here: household care products or ready-made ones with chemical ingredients. With the care products from the shop, you also have the option of choosing environmentally friendly ones. They are less aggressive but can achieve the desired effect if done correctly.

First remove the dust!

Household care products

  • Soda (around 100 grams) - with all materials, but not with natural stone!
  • Vinegar - helps with wood, but should be avoided on natural stone and concrete;
  • Cornstarch - in combination with soda for stubborn stains;
  • Baking powder (one packet) - Stone slabs have the possibility to be lightened a bit;
  • Lukewarm water - the above mentioned remedies are usually dissolved in five liters of it.

Wash the terrace with professional means, but do not clean with pressure washers!

3.Plan the time correctly

You need to take enough time to clean the patio tiles so there are really good results. It is best to start in the morning, then you will definitely be finished when the sun is still shining. This would dry the terrace very well. You should preferably choose a day of the week when you can fully concentrate on it. Also read the weather report. You definitely need a lot of sun. Of course, it would also help if there were no storms in the forecast for the next few days. So you can enjoy the clean terrace for longer.

Take your time!

4. Prepare the basic cleaning

Before you go over to the basic cleaning, you have to remove the superficial dirt as briefly as possible. You either have to sweep something or use a vacuum cleaner. Actually, you can also combine both for better results. Collect the leaves and dust in a garbage bag. After that, go over there with the vacuum cleaner. The less of it you have at home, the better the main cleaning will work.

The stone slabs are very sensitive to vinegar! Clean with gentle means!

5. Have all the necessary resources ready

Have you already decided which care products you will use? How will you attach these? We'll help you a bit:


  • Brush and shovel,
  • vacuum cleaner,
  • Trash cans and garbage bags,
  • One or more buckets of lukewarm water.

The care products:

  • If you use household remedies, the mixtures should already be ready so that they can be quickly poured into the lukewarm water;
  • If you use ready-made care products, you should make sure that everything is there and you don't have to run to the supermarket in between.

You should have everything you need ready!

Everything for your he alth

Regardless of whether you use home remedies or other cleaning products to clean the terrace, you have to think about your he alth. In any case, there will be a lot of dust. In addition, the skin of the hands is attacked. You can protect yourself from negative reactions with the following means:

  • A mask for the mouth,
  • Gloves,
  • Hand cream.

If you clean the terrace, you would enjoy life even better afterwards

6. The cleaning itself

Now it's time for the actual cleaning! As said, you should first sweep and clean with your vacuum cleaner. Then you should apply the care product. After this has dissolved in the water, you should spread it evenly over the surface with a mop. In some particularly dirty places you can enter some of the concentrate directly. You should leave it on for just the right amount of time. Too short such would affect the results. If the conditioner stays too long, the surface could be damaged.

The wood look is preserved and refreshed thanks to the right means

You should clean the patio tiles regularly!

Sweep once a week in summer, go through with a vacuum and maybe a hose. During the cold season, you can do this less frequently, but regularly, weather conditions permitting. This will not collect stubborn dirt. This ultimately makes cleaning much easier and you have more time to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.

We wish you a great summer!

The baking powder can lighten stone slabs

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