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A garden fountain is without a doubt something beautiful and can be seen as an oasis of calm in the garden. And the garden doesn't even have to be huge, because even people with a small garden don't have to do without the fountain. It makes sense to always adapt the garden fountain to nature and what would be better than using natural stones for a fountain. The natural stones always form the basis for the fountain. The fountain can be placed in the garden at will. Quarry stones are particularly suitable for designing the area around the fountain. Earth should be placed between the stones so that it can also serve as a breeding ground for plants.

Building the natural stone fountain

You don't need much to build a fountain out of nature. When it comes to the shape, the owner can let their imagination run wild, basically anything is possible. Especially when natural stones are used, angular shapes look very good. But first, of course, the source stone must be selected. However, it is important to pay attention to impeccable material because there are sometimes serious differences in quality. How many quarry stones you place around the source stone is up to you. It looks particularly pretty if you place stone plants and plants in the gaps in the quarry stones. This looks very natural and sets green accents between the stones.

Natural stones and source stones from the specialist

We at Biotopic offer a large selection of fountain accessories. We will also be happy to advise you that nothing can go wrong in the execution. We have a large selection of natural stones in stock for you and, of course, the important garden fountains and source stones in various colors and shapes. All variants can be delivered within a very short time. If you choose a standard fountain, we always have it in stock. We also have the right pumps and hoses for your garden fountain. Come to our exhibition and get an idea of our selection! Just talk to us, we'll be happy to give you answers your questions and will help you with your planning.

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