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Not only the elegant appearance of natural stone in the garden but also its weather resistance makes it a popular material. In fact, there is hardly any other material that could keep up with it, especially in the outdoor area. Various types of stone can be used specifically for garden use. Hard stones such as gneiss, granite or quartzite are more suitable as harder stones for paving or natural stone slabs, while softer stones such as marble or sandstone are often processed into attractive decorative elements. The variety is already large and, logically, will be expanded by the processing. Versatile and robust, but also incredibly beautiful and not subject to any fashion epoch, real treasures are hidden behind the natural stones, which look good on everyone, including your garden. Fashion comes and goes, but natural stones are among the things that outlast trends, also because they are able to set trends themselves. Regardless of the surrounding environment, natural stones manage to set optical design highlights in an impressive manner.

Roughly broken or rather treated?

The most favorable form in terms of popularity and cost is to use natural stones untreated or roughly broken. The broken option is often used as a paving or masonry stone because if the surface is too slippery, rain could manage to cause dangerous slipping on the stones.

The natural stone should not be too rough either, otherwise it will collect too many dirt particles and the structure will require a lot of cleaning. Polishing smooth is a type of processing that is more suitable for decoration. This is the case with the production of garden furniture made of natural stone. Grinding, on the other hand, achieves a smooth, but then also matt surface. To refine hard natural stones, so-called flaming also comes into play from time to time. The heat processing gives a slightly uneven surface.

Stairs and walls - you can count on the longevity of natural stones build

Natural stones often help on difficult terrain, as is the case with a sloping garden. This allows you to create supporting stone walls that are very stable and able to withstand the movements of the slope. Chic, staggered blocks of natural stone create space for flowers or herbs and there is no question that this newly created area is also a feast for the eyes. Fire pits and seating options, as well as fountains, water basins and even garden houses prove that natural stones in the garden can ideally combine decoration and practical use. Stone furniture is durable, defy all weather conditions and can stand outside for eternity without losing any of its functionality. Natural stones also become more beautiful as they age the longer they remain in the garden. Because the patina and signs of wear are in no way disturbing, they are even desirable. The various natural stones are now also available in different shades, so that there are even more design options. Whether it's a multi-colored mosaic pattern or imaginative ornaments, you can give the terrace a very individual touch with natural stones.

Water and stone in an attractive interplay

Water and stone can also create an interesting combination. Natural stones are particularly effective at the pond. You can create a great look all around with gravel edges, but you can also build a small fountain. Stone troughs can be used for all kinds of things, often plants like irises or water lilies can be seen in them. The pleasant splashing of water contributes to rest and relaxation in the garden anyway, and fountains and ponds are also eye-catchers.

Bring the expert on board with the planning

If you are planning your garden design and rely on natural stone, then you should take the expert on board. The expert consultants at BioTopic GmbH are at your disposal with their experience to discuss suitable solutions for your garden. Of course, your own ideas will be integrated. Custom-made products that deviate from the range are also possible on request, which may be even better compatible with your wishes in terms of shape and color.

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