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Furnishing examples 2022 - colorful and sustainable mix

Geometric shapes are becoming more and more popular among interior designers and this year in particular, geometry is a big part of every interior design. The 2022 leitmotifs in interior design are garish, loud, bold and expressive. An artistic interplay of geometry and color cannot be overlooked and all math fans can passionately live out their love of geometry in the interior.

Current trends and furnishing examples

Geometry, geometry and more geometry

An ensemble of rose quartz and earth tones

Find and create contrasts

Playful wall design

Similar geometry in furniture construction

One color and still dynamic

Ethno patterns and even more geometry

decorative and functional

From geometric shaped wall mirrors to lighting, chairs, tables, chests of drawers, cabinets and shelves to decoration and wall design, you can find many inspirational interior design examples that can help you follow the current trends. But we have one tip to take with you: Gather enough impressions and choose the furnishing style and colors that are really close to your heart. If you just adopt the trends without being able to identify with them, you probably won't feel very comfortable in your own four walls.

Geometric design also applies to the floor

Make clear design statements

Bring mirror surfaces to the walls

himself intersecting shapes

Subtle furnishing examples - geometry and straight lines

Geometric prints and shapes are the creative conquerors this year. We see them throughout three-dimensional space and also as textile prints on blankets and linens. Ethnic patterns go well with light colors and interior design with reduced furnishings. Skillfully set accents break through the monotony of your environment. Explore all conceivable possibilities and shapes, such as hexagons, triangles or stripes and see for yourself that geometry isn't just for math freaks.

Effective but practical

Bring new life to old cupboards with color stripes

Use geometry as a room divider

Drawers mean more order on the wall

Creating tension in the monochrome color space

Crazy Geometric Formations

Rose Quartz and Serenity - harmony and balance at home

Color blue-green combined with some pink

Due to the Wansticker in black, both colors do not confront each other

Skilfully presenting colors

Surely it hasn't escaped your attention that serenity and rose quartz are the absolute favorites for 2022 as well, but that doesn't mean that designers should limit themselves to just these two colors. The delicate paleness of the two colors will bring harmony and balance to your home. Colors work great on their own and mix well with solid colors or with those of the same color saturation. A room design in the monochrome color space can only benefit from a color accent in one of the favorite colors.

Colourful and expressive

70s feeling through bold color compositions

You can play crazy!

Find an exemplary source of inspiration

Very important - the Trends are sustainable. Try to keep your design as eco-friendly as possible! Use sustainable materials and natural fabrics!

Botanical motifs are still very topical

With a white interior look for contrasts in the structure

A single shape changes everything at once

Don't underestimate the little things

Nostalgia in black and white

Cooling off in the hot nights

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