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As summer is fast approaching, let's slowly get in the mood for the warm and quite pleasant season. In the heat, everyone dreams of a refreshment under the garden shower or directly in the garden pool. If you also have a large swimming pool or a small paddling pool in your own garden, then you are guaranteed endless bathing fun in the summer months. You certainly want to feel undisturbed while swimming and well protected from prying eyes. Then you definitely need a fence around the pool. Have you already thought about whether your swimming and paddling pool is childproof enough? If not, then you've come to the right place today because we have prepared great pool fence ideas for you. This is about the very modern options of garden fences and alternatives how to fence your pool, so that everyone there feels safe and undisturbed. Stay tuned to learn more about it.

Blue sky, lots of sun and your own pool - let the bathing season begin!

  • The pool bridle fulfills important functions and is a must!

Having your own swimming pool in the garden is the best prerequisite for endless bathing fun in summer. But this is only true if you are not worried about your safety and that of your loved ones. A pool fence can solve a large part of these concerns.

He can delimit and shield the entire area around the garden pool. For example, if you have a high fence of green shrubs or trees around the pool, then this can provide the perfect privacy screen. Curious looks from the neighbors and a weak wind can't get in. In addition, such a "green wall" can also reduce the noise level and thus also serve as noise protection.

With a green pool fence you combine the aesthetic function with good privacy protection…

… . And can sunbathe undisturbed for hours and then swim in the lukewarm water.

Yes, but if you have small children and/or have pets, then safety comes before aesthetics. Then you absolutely have to fence your pool! A permanently installed fence that offers security and stability first and foremost would be best. It must be at least 1.10 m high so that the children cannot climb over it. For safety reasons, there are no crossbars or similar "climbing aids" required, just like oversized meshes that make it easier to climb over the fence. Don't forget, children are in most cases very creative and can easily overcome safety fences and other safety precautions at the garden pool. That's why we want to give you an extra tip:

Extra tip: Despite possible safety measures, you should never leave your little ones unattended, not only when swimming and splashing around in the pool, but also when romping around the pool!

Please never let your children play in the pool unsupervised.

  • What materials can a pool fence be made of?

A fence around the pool first has to fulfill purely aesthetic functions. It must be properly integrated into the overall design concept of your outdoor area and correspond to the architectural style of the house. No less important is its practical function, namely to separate and protect the water area in the garden. When it comes to suitable materials for garden pool fences, there are a few cheap options available to you. From a simple wire mesh fence to a wooden fence to an elegant Plexiglas fence, everything would be possible and easy to install. A door is also a must as it blocks access to the water and keeps uninvited guests in.

A modern outdoor design.

You can mix different materials and still get a sublime look.

Plexiglas pool fences have been very popular for years. On the one hand, they seamlessly fit into any garden landscape, on the other hand, they perfectly protect the swimming or paddling pool. Their look also varies from framed to semi-framed to frameless. The plexiglass used is unbreakable and has no gaps, so that children cannot climb over such a fence at all. However, its big plus is that it is totally transparent and you always have a good view of what is happening in or around the pool.

This fence is quite high enough transparent.

A wooden pool fence is one of the classic outdoor design ideas.

Traditionally, the garden pool is fenced off with wooden posts. A picket fence is stable and gives the entire garden landscape a classic look. However, wood is not the most suitable material for a pool fence, as it requires regular maintenance. Despite this, it is much more affordable than other options. For example as a metal fence, which is very durable but requires a lot of maintenance. In addition, the metal can hardly be combined with water. But you decide!

A metal pool fence can be made attractive with numerous green plants.

You can find more ideas for pool fences in our picture gallery. Now scroll through the photos and find the variant that you like the most and that suits your pool and outdoor design. After all, you can decide for yourself which fence goes well there.

The "green wall" is the best natural privacy screen around the garden pool.

This outdoor design is quite inviting.

Image 17: A lot of wood was used here and suitable lighting was devised, resulting in a very appealing look in the end.

A few splashes of color don't harm the overall design concept.

Just like a strong can of exotics!

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