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Anyone who already knows Morocco will definitely be impressed by its rich history and distinctive culture, which is totally foreign to us. The travel memories of the unique architecture in Marrakech, Rabat or Casablanca stay awake for a lifetime. Many of our readers have certainly not yet visited this North African country, but show a certain interest in it. We wrote this article for them and want to introduce all those who are curious to a world of exoticism and mysticism. In the following we share impressive ideas for Moroccan furnishing. We invite you to take a little detour into Moroccan design so that you can feel the exoticism of this country up close. We would be happy to show you the typical colors and the necessary home accessories that are an essential part of the Moroccan interior. Then we leave it up to you to decide whether you want to introduce this oriental flair into your own four walls or not! Stay tuned because it's going to be exciting, actually really Moroccan!

Furnishing in Moroccan style also means a colorful and graceful meeting of aesthetics and exoticism.

Today we distance ourselves from the European furnishing style and dive into a world full of colors and striking shapes, soft carpets and floor cushions, distinctive Moroccan lamps, lanterns and freshly scented candles. These make the Moroccan interior very special, unusual and magnetic for us at the same time.

Furnishing Moroccan style is not a difficult task, but you need love and sensitivity for the exotic appeal. We will help you to recreate this unique charm at home.

You could at least set up a cozy reading corner by the window in Moroccan style at home.

  • With Moroccan furnishing you will experience an interplay of shapes and colours

Oriental shapes meet natural colors! This is how you can define the basic rule of the Moroccan furnishing style. Here we find opulent ornaments, noble fabrics and curved patterns. The furniture and window frames are made of light wood and decorated with oriental motifs. The decorative carvings are an important detail of Moroccan design. Motifs such as flowers, leaves and vines are used for this, i.e. everything that comes from nature. Since we have already mentioned the windows, we should emphasize that they are by no means rectangular in shape. But on the contrary. In Morocco, there are floor-to-ceiling oval or rounded windows decorated with wood carvings. They are a real eye-catcher inside and out. In addition, in most houses they are covered with lightproof fabric curtains. They go wonderfully together with a macrame-knotted oriental wall hanging and spread a unique, exotic charm in the room.

These wide, floor-to-ceiling windows have wooden bars, but still let enough light into the room.

Macrame weaving is a traditional Moroccan art.

And that's not all about the Moroccan-style ambience. Cosiness is the top priority there, which is why they create a true oasis of calm that invites you to relax and meditate. The seating is set a little lower, which seems strange to Europeans but is a custom in the Orient. Imaginative Moroccan rugs cover the floor, sometimes a wall in the room. This spreads a feeling of warmth and security. Low upholstery and countless soft throw and floor cushions have an indescribably Moroccan and inviting effect and entice you to linger. In such a room you can completely switch off from everyday stress and really relax.

In this colorful and cozy ambience you could completely forget the stress of everyday life.

The Moroccan interior invites you to dream.

The typical Moroccan interior design is complemented by a real play of strong colors and oriental patterns that emphasize the exoticism in the room. The color palette is mesmerizing and robs the senses with its intensity. Colors such as carmine red, bright orange, saturated pink and bright purple are very typically Moroccan. These are skilfully combined with bright nuances such as violet, turquoise and bright shades of green. Blue is also a popular color in Moroccan interior design, ranging from light blue to navy blue to the very dark shades of blue. To round off this wide range of colors, people like to use gold and silver, which are set here and there as accents. Neutral colors such as grey, for example, or soft earth tones such as brown and yellow are also not excluded. The curved oriental patterns such as stripes, spikes and waves come into their own on this colorful background.

The dark blue nuance on the wall radiates mysticism.

Colourful, more colourful… Moroccan!

  • Some home accessories are absolute must-haves in a Moroccan furnished room

Last but not least, we want to draw your attention to these essential home accessories that make up the Moroccan flair. These create a fairytale atmosphere that is not actually known in Europe. First and foremost are the floor cushions made of leather or brocade, finely patterned and very comfortable. Low tables made of untreated wood with beautifully decorated plates made of gold, silver or brass invite you to cozy tea hours. Moroccan screens separate the seating area and with it your privacy. Elaborately crafted Moroccan lamps and lanterns can be seen throughout, introducing an extra dose of exoticism to the space. Just like candles, which are a stylish element and exude a fresh oriental scent of delicate jasmine, beguiling rose or juicy apricot.

Temptingly beautiful and fresh-looking - that's how you can describe the Moroccan furnishing style.

Other countries, other customs, as the saying goes.

The wall decoration is also unique and typically oriental. Macrame, wall plates and large mirrors are a must. These correspond with the other home accessories and round off the Moroccan furnishing style. All green indoor plants bring an indispensable fresh touch, without which Moroccan design would be unthinkable. Colorful cut flowers in round vases also serve as fresh accents there.

The room decoration and the typical oriental home accessories go well together

We are a long way from the idea that the subject of Moroccan furnishing could be covered in detail in a single article. Despite this, we have tried to bring you new design solutions on our own to encourage at home. Now scroll through the whole picture gallery and see all the wonderful Moroccan interiors. These are definitely a valuable source of inspiration for everyone who is enthusiastic about foreign countries and cultures. The Freshideen editorial team wishes you lots of fun re-styling!

Moroccan aesthetics mixed with a bit of mysticism.

Untreated wood brings a piece of nature into the interior.

Blue in all its nuances is a preferred color in Moroccan design.

But soft earth tones are also in demand here.

Moroccan furnishing in gray - a wonderful design idea!

Typically Moroccan!

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