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It doesn't matter how you paint your walls. By choosing wall colors, you decide on one or the other room atmosphere. Because let's be honest: colors make an interior appear elegant or playful! And while light shades of color add a feminine and romantic flair to a room, darker hues create a more masculine and dramatic ambience. Of all the wall colors, however, one really impressed us: the wall color petrol. In the following picture gallery we will show you how to successfully integrate the petrol color into the interior design.

Teal wall paint looks good in a small living room

What is the teal colour?

You can't exactly determine this color at first glance, but you can recognize it immediately. It lies somewhere between green and blue and is a dark color mixture of these two shades. Characteristics of both shades are attributed to petrol. The term petrol is mainly used in fashion.

The term teal is often used in interior design and teal is known as cyan in technical and artistic fields. A distinction is made between petrol blue and petrol green.

The petrol wall color comes into its own better if you choose curtains in a fresh colour

Petroleum wall paint and green accents are an apt color combination in the modern living area

How do you stage the petrol color in the interior?

Petroleum is a color that dominates in the room. But a harmonious atmosphere can also be created with the help of petrol. Furniture in teal color are beautiful accents in the room, but for a spectacular interior design you prefer teal wall color. It is a wonderful solution for wall decoration if you want a relaxing ambience. It has a very calming effect and everyone can remain alone with their thoughts. This makes the color popular in every room of the modern apartment. Rooms in this color can look both friendly and very chic…

Bring some liveliness to white interiors with a teal accent wall

But if you paint the whole room in teal, then there is a risk that the atmosphere will be oppressive. That is why it is important which shade of color you choose! And if you'd rather not take any chances, consider just an accent wall or two. This could be the wall in the living room in front of which the sofa is, and in the bedroom the wall where the headboard of the bed is. This is a great way to create visual effects in space. Then you should pay attention to the right pieces of furniture. Because a living room sofa and armchair can either contrast with the petrol wall or harmonize completely with it.

Plants and flowers refresh the walls

Petroleum can be successfully combined with natural colors. Petrol forms a wonderful color duo with beige and sand. Beautiful color combinations can also be made with other shades of green and blue. Brown and cream as well as taupe and white are also suitable.

Darker shades of petrol create a dramatic look

You can also create a cozy room with wall paint petroleum

Create a feel-good room with the Petrol wall paint! Depending on what kind of room climate you achieve, you have different shades of petrol available to create an unusual interior design. Bring atmosphere into the children's room or drama into the living room!

Design the stairwell in the hallway in style

A fresh room that invites you to stay longer

Combine dark wall color with dark wood

The teal walls are accentuated by this bright fur rug

Setting up a colorful bedroom

The orange carpet stands out beautifully against this beautiful wall color

The teal wall color in the bedroom contrasts beautifully with the white bed linen

Accent wall in teal is an apt solution for the modern living area

Small bedroom with a natural flair

The teal color goes wonderfully with the design of this youth room

Very simple bedroom design in teal and white

The study is a room where teal color fits beautifully

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