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Current kitchen design for 2020 that will serve you for many years to come

Kitchen design trends have never been as pragmatic as they are now. It goes without saying that the furniture there is ergonomic and comfortable. They also take on many other functions. The kitchen is the place where you should feel the family atmosphere at its best and where you can proudly invite friends and acquaintances to dinner…

The kitchen design of modern trends has its own character, almost a soul. This line of development started a few years ago and will reach another peak this year. In addition, the trends for 2022 are still evolving and have potential for many more years to come.

35 pictures of modern kitchens

Actually, it is precisely for this reason that it is becoming increasingly difficult to describe new trends. They are more comprehensive than ever before. Because the modern design is not just a laconic design, which is complemented by stylish elements. It is less and less subordinate to any stylistic rules, but the latter follow from the rules of life.

What are the latest trends in kitchen design?

When developing your kitchen furnishing concept, you would have to consider many factors, such as your everyday pace, as well as the personal attitude of all family members. One or the other piece of furniture or technology could turn out to be superfluous. What is important is that at the end of the day there is a general sense of seclusion and comfort.

You can also describe the current kitchen designs more specifically. However, keep the above in mind so you can understand exactly what you can and can't use.

Shiny Accents - Gold Pendant Lights

Copper colored splashback

Here are also some kitchen design trends at a glance:

  • Bringing entertainment realms and functionality into one space.
  • Using furniture that is economical in every aspect.
  • Using rich but soft tones.
  • Using Striking Photo Patterns
  • Using natural and textured surface materials.
  • For window decoration, vertical blinds and Roman shades are most appropriate.

Give your kitchen a modern flair

Current kitchen design for small spaces

These general trends also apply to the design of small kitchens. But there are some additional tasks. You need more space here. In practice, this means that you should develop a better feeling than usual about what you really need and what you don't. Multifunctionality is even more popular and it is even more important that some functional elements serve as design accents. In a small kitchen space, getting the right measurements for the furniture is also particularly important. In a small kitchen space, nothing should be missing, and at the same time there should be enough space and freedom of movement.

With the end result just described in mind, consider a few practical rules for your kitchen design. These will now follow.

Wood and concrete are materials that are becoming more and more common in the modern kitchen

The color palette for a contemporary kitchen design

It's better to opt for bright color nuances that you enrich with bright accents. As such, use functional pieces such as curtains, sofas or chairs. You should limit yourself to two or three shades.

Intelligently position the furniture and kitchen equipment

The kitchen and refrigerator cabinets should be positioned so that their doors open freely. No matter how small your kitchen is, you should be able to roam freely and feel like you have enough space for all kinds of activities.

Organization plays an important role in the small kitchen

Let the natural light flow in the room

If possible, choose this room for the kitchen, where the light enters freely and flows there. Do everything possible so that the light spreads beautifully everywhere. If possible, do not interlock the window(s) and equip the opposite surfaces with mirrors or mirrored surfaces.

Learn more about space saving, the rules of modern kitchen organization and studio interiors in the second part of our kitchen design article.

Also consider possible options for indirect lighting in the kitchen

Spacious bright kitchen with fireplace

Neutral color nuances ensure a harmonious atmosphere

Classic White Wall Tiles

Design a modern country kitchen

Refresh the kitchen atmosphere with green indoor plants

Rustic accents with a modern touch

Let yourself be further inspired by the following kitchen pictures!

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