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We all look forward to the coming summer days and dream of spending more free time outdoors. That's when the sun shines brightly, it's hot outside and young and old want to have a lot of bathing fun. They also? But are you actually prepared to sunbathe, bathe or shower in the garden? Or would you rather go to the outdoor pool? For everyone who doesn't want to drive far away on hot days, we have great ideas for a welcome cool down and 100% refreshment in today's post. We are now talking about the garden shower and what advantages it brings on hot summer days. We also show different models. From the simple stand-up shower outdoors to a permanently installed shower and the super practical solar shower to the outdoor bathroom, there is something to suit every taste. Of course, for every budget!

You can determine the design and dimensions of the garden shower yourself.

Or maybe set up an outdoor bathroom with a wellness feeling?

  • The advantages of a garden shower are obvious

Having a garden shower in the outdoor area is a pure pleasure in summer, because it guarantees you the desired cooling and quick refreshment in the sometimes almost unbearable summer heat. Not to mention the bathing fun, because the cool water is a lot of fun for young and old. You can use this and refresh yourself after you have finished gardening. But not only in this case you need an outdoor shower. You can use them before and after swimming in the garden pool or swimming pond. The best part is that the garden shower takes up little space. You can set it up in a place that is protected from view or build it yourself so that you can shower undisturbed and away from prying eyes in summer. Of course, the prices of outdoor showers vary quite a bit depending on the model, but in any case, an outdoor shower is cheaper than a pool.

Find a sheltered spot outside and get started!

Surround yourself with lots of garden greenery!

A wonderful design idea is to feel like you are in the tropical forest while showering.

  • Which garden shower would be right for you?

That's the question of questions that you absolutely have to answer for yourself. We only want to present you with different options, but the final decision is up to you, depending on your own priorities, individual needs and financial possibilities. You will certainly be spoiled for choice because there are simple and inexpensive standing showers that fit almost anywhere. For this you need simple materials for the privacy screen and a wooden grate that can be placed directly on the lawn. It is also not complicated to build a garden shower yourself. For this fun DIY project, you can reuse old items like showers, water tanks and the like and give them a second chance. You can see ideas on how to build a garden shower yourself in no time in the following video:

Perhaps you want to have a permanently installed garden shower and use it for many years? In specialist shops you will find various models made from very different materials. Wood, stainless steel, brass and aluminum are particularly suitable here. Garden showers made of tropical wood, such as teak or shorea, are particularly popular because they are highly resistant to moisture. For such a garden shower you just have to find a suitable place outside. For example, installing next to the pool on slabs or the garden shower on a special attachment is a great idea for lots of bathing fun in summer!

Sometimes it takes just a few materials and a lot of imagination to create a little oasis of perfect calm and wet refreshment.

There are simple designs… .

… in addition to those made of high quality materials and in a very modern design.

The great advantage of a modern garden shower is that it offers hot water for free. In this regard, solar showers for the garden are particularly in demand. These can be permanently installed, but there are mobile models. On sunny days, the water in the storage tank is heated directly by the sun's rays and can reach a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius. So you can have enough warm water when showering, and that for free. Great idea for the outdoors, isn't it?

Here you can have a real rainforest feeling while showering outside.

But also under this permanently installed garden shower.

Instead of a garden shower, you can treat yourself to more comfort with an outdoor bath with a wellness factor.

  • An outdoor bath instead of a garden shower

Last but not least, we want to introduce you to other great ideas to make your outdoor refreshment more comfortable. Without a doubt, an outdoor bathroom is the dream come true for many home and garden owners. If you have an old bathtub that you no longer need at home after the last bathroom renovation, then it can be given a second chance in the garden. You also need to find a cozy and, once again, private place outside for your bathing oasis. Of course you also need a hot water connection as well as a sewage pipe. The aesthetic design is then entirely up to your imagination. For example, a few stones, wooden stands for bath towels and other extras will transport you to a world free of stress and hectic. Anyone who could treat themselves to this special wellness feeling can count themselves lucky. Taking a refreshing swim amidst greenery outdoors is pure pleasure.

Here you can unwind!

And forget the stress of everyday life!

However, everyone can decide for themselves what they can afford - a garden shower or an outdoor bathroom. It is important that you do not want to do without the wet and very pleasant refreshment in the open air in summer. Hopefully our garden showers and outdoor bath ideas will help you find the best solution for your lifestyle and budget. Enjoy looking and browsing the images below!

Treat yourself to more comfort outdoors!

A few more ideas for an outdoor bathroom.

And enjoy the pleasure of taking a shower in the garden!

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