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Yesterday, April 10, 2022 was an important day for humanity, for science and more precisely for space exploration. After years of preparatory work by an international research team, the first images of a black hole in space have been presented to the public. A worldwide network of radio telescopes made it possible to get the first images of a black hole in space. The Event Horizon Telescope Network scientific project has made a fundamental breakthrough, revealing a dark spot in front of a fuzzy glowing ring. So sees what was previously considered invisible! This is an extremely massive black hole Messier 87, which is at the center of the galaxy, 55 million light years away. This sensation quickly went around the world. She inspires both respect and excitement everywhere.

Sensational! This is what a black hole looks like in space!

  • A black hole in space has been photographed for the first time!

Researchers and astronomers from different countries of the world participated in the enormous scientific project. They worked on it for years until the fundamental results could be presented with the first photos of black hole M87 yesterday.

The worldwide network of radio telescopes was able to photograph the shadow of a black hole for the first time. Press conferences were organized simultaneously in some major cities around the world. For example, such took place in Brussels and Washington, but also in Chile, China, Taiwan and Japan. What we can summarize briefly: Albert Einstein predicted it almost 100 years ago. Researchers have calculated it and now they have succeeded! The first images of the black hole in space confirm Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity under the extreme conditions of the universe and open a new era in space exploration!

Everyone is amazed by the picture of the black hole!

  • Now we know what a black hole looks like in space!

Until now there was only conjecture as to what a black hole might look like. Now we know for sure that the real image of M87 corresponds to the earlier illustrations. But what actually is a black hole? Scientists say there is a black hole at the center of many, if not all, galaxies. This is an extreme place, where a lot of mass is concentrated in a very small space. The gravitational pull is so strong that even light cannot escape it. For this reason, a black hole is often called a gravity monster. So far, however, no one has actually been able to see such an event in space. Because of this, black holes were considered virtually invisible.

Black holes were previously considered invisible!

That has now changed. The attached video reports on the great event and a real world sensation!

The first images from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) have shown something interesting. Before the matter is pulled into the black hole, it heats up extremely quickly and then glows brightly. That's actually that characteristic red glow that we see in the first images of the black hole. You could photograph the mass monster! From now on a new age begins, which is sure to be full of surprises!

At the center of almost all galaxies there are places where a lot of mass is concentrated in an extremely small space.

A black hole is formed there!

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