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Sometimes the good news comes in quick succession. Just two or three days after Miranda Kerr officially announced that she is expecting her third baby this year, there is another good news, this time from the family of the biggest US swimming star Michael Phelps (33). The ex-athlete will also become a father for the third time this year. His beautiful wife, ex-model Nicole Johnson (33) is pregnant again! Baby number three for the Phelps family is on the way! The numerous fans of the great swimmer are also happy and are eagerly awaiting more good news!

Michael Phelps and his Nicole are over the moon!

Baby number three is on the way!

  • Michael Phelps is the ultimate swimming superstar!

It's hard for us to give a short introduction to swimmer Michael Phelps, who has won 26 Olympic medals during his sports career, 22 of them gold. This is a feat unmatched by any other athlete in the history of the modern Olympic Games to date. At the age of 15 he began his first participation in the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 and over the next 12 years he has participated in every Olympic Games. Even more, he made the history of the Olympic Games in swimming and set numerous records. The superlatives are not enough here to describe its top performance. However, behind his all-time records in swimming are endless hours of training in the pool, iron discipline and a balanced diet plan. Yes, success in sport always comes at a high price!

If you want to become a master, practice early!

The family spends many hours in and around the pool.

Swimming is the whole family's favorite sport!

In American football or basketball you sit in the audience.

  • Michael Phelps private

Swimming star Michael Phelps raced through Olympic swimming pools around the world years ago. Now his family planning is progressing at the same rapid pace. He married model Nicole Johnson in 2016, just under a month after they gave birth to their first child, Boomer Robert. Two years later, Beckett Richard, the family's second son, was born. An ex-Miss California USA, Nicole knows exactly how to keep her perfect figure after giving birth. Fitness, swimming, jogging and eating he althy are also part of her daily schedule. Out of love for Michael Phelps and the children, the ex-model has decided to have a third pregnancy.

On Instagram, she posted the following: "Oops we did it again!", which is a reference to a famous Britney Spears song title. But also a clear message that the third baby in the family is already on the way! Both young parents always dreamed of a large family. Now your wish can become a reality!

Congratulations Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson! We look forward to continuing great news from the family!

We are very happy for Michael Phelps and his beautiful wife Nicole!

They will both become parents for the third time this year!


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