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Last week, 20-year-old Mick Schumacher caused quite a stir in the Ferrari team in Bahrain and at the same time made headlines in the press. On Tuesday, the son of Formula 1 record world champion Michael Schumacher sat in a Ferrari for the first time during the test drives on the island in the Persian Gulf. Schumi Jr. made his first drive in an actual Formula 1 car and that was cause enough for excitement. Understandably, the expectations of the Schumacher offspring were particularly high, but he successfully fulfilled them. He successfully rode the Grand Prix track in the desert like a real pro. After his solid debut in the Ferrari 2, Mick Schumacher is ready for the next step in his career. His rise to the premier class seems to be pre-programmed. Ferrari and all Formula 1 fans are now looking forward to the return of the Schumacher family to Formula One. Mick Schumacher is following in his famous father's footsteps faster than expected.

Every beginning is difficult.

Mick Schumacher's success in testing in Bahrain is promising.

  • Mick Schumacher working hard for his career as a Formula 1 driver

Each race is just a proof of how strong the competition and rivalry between A-class pilots is. Everyone should work hard for their career as a test driver at Ferrari, regardless of whether they have the famous Schumacher family name or not. For Schumi Jr. it hasn't been an easy task either. Despite this, he was able to become Formula 3 World Champion last year. This allowed his rise to Formula 2, where the cars are significantly heavier and more powerful. He is now in the Ferrari Driver Academy and has full support from the whole team and also from his family. During the test drives in Bahrain he started from position ten in the initial phase, but was able to overtake some rivals in the final phase and finally secured the coveted eighth place. His performance was commented on by his father's former teammate in TV commentary Rated Brilliant.

20-year-old Mick Schumacher continues to drive for the Prema team.

The next video shows what Mick Schumacher said after the race in Bahrain:

  • The Schumacher family has returned to Formula 1!

Mick Schumacher has personally experienced difficult times. Now he can look to the future with optimism again. His mother Corinna was with him in Bahrain. As we all know well, after the tragic accident (on December 29, 2013) with her husband, the seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, she rarely appears in public and protects her privacy well. The skiing accident five years ago completely changed the life of the whole family. In recent years, you could hardly see Corina laughing. However, during the test drives in the desert, she beamed with joy and supported her son Mick. Just like him, she knows perfectly well that this is an important season for Schumi Jr. That's why both are happy about his successful premiere in the Formula 1 junior series. The fans are cheering that the Schumacher family has come back to Formula 1! We keep our fingers crossed for the young test driver and wish him many more victories in car racing!

The striking resemblance between Michael and Mick Schumacher is impressive.

Schumi Jr. testing in Bahrain.

Car racing is not a sport for everyone.

The harder the race, the sweeter the success!

Mick Schumacher expects a great sports career!

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