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Picture tips: Pictures from the trade fair for the trends presented

Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven “Dutch Design Week” is one of the events where you can learn quite a bit about interior design trends and furniture trends. For this reason, fans of the tasteful house design from all over the world gather there again and again.

Let's see together what's new in the 2015 edition? We've tried to pick out those ideas and trends that we think will be of interest to most people.

The latest trends at Dutch Design Week 2015

Laconic and clear forms of expression

The items on display seem to be made for minimalist furnishings, lofts, vintage design. We also saw several eclectic and fusion designs at the show. Simple and modern forms were used. Designers have long tried to convey that the future lies in geometric shapes and clear boundaries. We were particularly drawn to the furniture from the local Piet Hein Eek factory. They stand out due to their quite original character, and at the same time symbolize all of the furniture trends listed. The factory could be visited during the design week. You could visit all the halls, including those where the production takes place. Other local design firms followed suit.

Trends in minimalist and industrial style furniture

Casual shabby chic look by Piet Hein Eek

Innovations in manufacturing technology

At Dutch Design Week you can learn about innovations in manufacturing technology. This year was no exception in this regard. Many companies were just providing designers with new and deeper insights into this.

New fabrics and materials

Some of the greatest innovations in fashion and design happen in the area of fabrics and materials. Many composites, plastics and polymers with great new properties have been developed used for the production of the innovative furniture.

The future belongs to innovative materials and technologies

Studio Plott is a perfect example in this regard. Gorgeous structures are created through special processing of the plastic and thanks to the use of 3D printers. Depending on what designers want, they show different shapes and sizes.

Creative work by Studio Plott

3D models from special printers

Innovation and creativity at the highest level

Designers are inspired by the future

We keep emphasizing the fact that retro and antique designs play a very important role in modern furniture. But people also like to go in the other temporal direction - the future.

The futurism that we experience here is characterized by strong emotions. These are not always positive. Some designs offer a mix of visions of the future and raw realism. Whether this should be interpreted as criticism of society remains an open question!

Futuristic surrealism in furniture design

In fact, in our view, conveying certain political messages (in the broadest sense of the word) is becoming a trend in modern design.

Social Projects

Commitment to social development goes beyond imagining possible scenarios for our future. They don't just want to warn us about the results on the path we've chosen. Rather, one would like to contribute to the preservation of our environment. Several of the projects on display relate to he alth and sustainable production issues. These themes play an increasingly important role in shaping new design trends.

Plywood wall paneling and retro chairs by Piet Hein Eek

Let's take the Refil company as an example. With 3D printers they process old machines and plastic bottles. They reuse them to create amazing chandeliers, vases, jewelry and decoration.

Furniture trends are becoming more and more intuitive

The bottom line is that fashion trends are becoming more and more intuitive. They are more and more adaptable to our inner attitude. Some also show great adaptability, which makes them great for one many years of use.

Check out our pictures from the fair and other photos of trendy pieces of furniture! Let this beauty affect you. Then decide if you want to embrace these new trends or stay a little more conservative in your design.

The designer Piet Hein Eek

Distinctive and casual

Eclecticism of a special kind at Piet Hein Eek

Sustainable vintage wall covering

Upcycling for the bar counter made of metal tubes

Harmonious contrast in retro style

At Piet Hein Eek you will also find wonderful wooden baskets and bowls

There is also a bit of boho chic

Northern clarity and linear furniture design

Movered tones and understated elegance

Living room comfort in the Dutch style

Piet Hein Eek sideboard in 1950s style

Retro home accessories and furniture with Scandinavian flair

Fragile simplicity with curved shapes

Upcycling with panache for your industrial style home

Unusual decoration with plastic bottles by Refil Studio

The smart food system Forage by Lars Janzee

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