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In the world of the rich and beautiful, it often happens that you meet by accident, fall in love at first sight and then, logically, the glamorous engagement comes. Until the wedding there is only one step that you dare courageously. This may sound like a modern day fairy tale to many, but tales like 'The Thousand and One Nights' still exist today, and fortunately most have a happy ending! Hopefully that will also happen with Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, because both stars are currently on cloud nine and want to say yes soon. Last week, Katy Perry spoke about it on Jimmy Kimmel's US talk show. In front of the TV host, she shared some interesting details about her fairytale engagement on February 14 and hinted that she and Orlando Bloom want to have a dream wedding. However, it is still undetermined when and where this special celebration will take place.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are slowly planning their wedding.

  • A look back at the turbulent love story of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

The love story of the two stars is really very interesting because there are strong feelings, breakups and reunions in it. They met each other by accident three years ago, in a burger joint. For Katy Perry, however, it was love at first sight.

The "Roar" interpreter didn't even think that she would find the "man for life" in a funny way. The 34-year-old singer found it amusing three years ago that the "Escape from the Caribbean" star took her burger off her plate and tried to bite into it. This incident was a fitting topic of conversation at the Golden Globes after-show party. This is how the 42-year-old actor and the popular singer met and fell in love.

The lovers have also gone through difficult times.

It's good to know the "Dark Horse" singer and the "Unlocked" star had unhappy marriages in the near past. From 2010 to 2012 Katy Perry had a short-lived marriage to actor Russell Brand. For his part, Orlando Bloom was married to model Miranda Kerr from 2010 to 2013, but their relationship ended. Although the love story between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom started very romantically, over the past three years they have also experienced crises, separated for a short time and found their way to each other again. Now both stars want to start their new family nest and be happy with each other.

Katy Perry is known for her romantic haircuts.

  • Orlando Bloom proposed romantically and affectionately

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been engaged since last Valentine's Day. The celebration of love started for them with a romantic dinner, but then they went to a helicopter and Orlando Bloom proposed to her in the air. He surprised her with an adorable diamond ring, so the singer said "yes". She opened up about it on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show. It was very romantic, but the engagement didn't go smoothly, Perry said. There were minor glitches, but they certainly couldn't spoil the special moment of the engagement.

Hopefully Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry will walk down the aisle soon.

There is currently a rumor going around in Hollywood that Orlando Bloom has already moved in with the singer. He has already put his $9 million mansion up for sale and the fiancé now live together in Beverly Hills. But they are in no hurry to plan the most beautiful day of their lives. Both want to take some time and prepare properly for the wedding celebration. Katy Perry thinks it's going to be a really big party because both stars have a lot of friends who are important to both of them. She and her numerous fans are now waiting for interesting and exciting news about the two stars. We keep our fingers crossed for them too and hope that they will soon approach the wedding age!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are head over heels in love.

They are Hollywood's new dream couple!

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