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Now during the first days of March the sun is shining through the gray clouds in the sky more and more often and the weather outside is gradually getting warmer. That means, of course, spring can't be far away! Do you want to bring a strong spring breeze into your home and welcome the new season? Then you've come to the right place, because we have selected 50 breathtaking decoration ideas with tulips for you, which will introduce new joie de vivre and freshness into the interior. In this article we let the pictures do the talking. In our photo series there are enchanting examples of great arrangements with tulips. We will show you in a moment what you need to consider and how you can stage the natural charm of the popular spring flowers. If you want to know a little more about the origin and care of tulips, you can click here for more information.

Enchanting Harbingers of Spring!

Bring more color into your interior.

  • Put tulips in the best light

Tulips not only belong in every garden during spring, but in every home. They ring in the new season and enchant the senses with their wonderful colours, unique patterns and wonderful flower shapes. In order to skilfully stage this splendor of flowers, you really need suitable decoration ideas with these popular early bloomers. First you should determine the location of your floral arrangement at home. We advise that you give the tulips a central place. For example, they can be a real eye-catcher on the dining or coffee table or decorate the windowsill. These elegant spring flowers also cut a fine figure on your desk in the home office or in the bathroom with feminine touches.

Pure tenderness in the interior.

Tulips thrive in a sunny window.

Tulips aren't demanding at all when it comes to container. They feel great even without potting soil well. So these charming spring flowers offer you thousands of design options to arrange them. They fit perfectly in both vases and baskets, vintage mugs, jugs, water jugs, disposable glasses and tin cans. Actually, you should choose the container in accordance with the style of your interior. In the somewhat rustic interior, you can opt for a retro basket or take care of the beautiful tulips in an old bowl, cup or jug. Their look is also very elegant in vases made of glass or porcelain, which are more likely to be inscribed in a modern room design. It is important that you have numerous options available.

A flower arrangement with tulips is a cool idea from the Far East.

No matter how you arrange these beautiful flowers, they always attract everyone's attention.

  • Enjoy the colors and patterns of the tulips in their full glory

You could hardly create a sea of flowers with tulips at home like the tourists admire in Holland. But you can also arrange the beautiful tulips in different containers in your own interior in such a way that you get the best of their blooms. It would be good to know that there are different types of tulips. They have no aroma, but show us interesting flower shapes and effective coloring. There are early and late, double and single, fringed, parrot-like tulips. Depending on the colouration, a distinction is made between single and multicolored, striped or striped flowers. Typical colors are white, yellow, pink, red, violet and all their shades. It ultimately depends on your own preferences whether you want to tie a bouquet or put together a flower arrangement and in which colors exactly. For this purpose, you could choose tulips in similar nuances or rely on colored contrasts. Either way, you're bound to create something unique.

Colorful flowers in wooden boxes.

White symbolizes innocence… .

White tulips exude elegance.

Soft pink tulips are in high demand.

You can create colored contrasts if you wish… .

… . and have a real eye-catcher on the table.

Now scroll through the whole picture gallery…

… and admire the floral splendor of the floral arrangements with tulips!

Tulips belong in every garden.

Outside they are real eye-catchers

… and decorate every sunny corner…

… or your outdoor dining table!

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