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Once a year, green is the dominant color in many places across the globe. The world lights up in green and that always happens on March 17th when we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This is Ireland's National Day, when Irish people honor their patron saint, St. Patrick. Millions of non-Irish and Irish émigrés around the world also celebrate with them. St. Patrick's Day is counted among the curious holidays in the annual calendar. On this day, well-known landmarks in different countries are colored green, even rivers! In many cities, large parades are held and then parties are organized afterwards. The Irish Pubs are in full swing on March 17th! The festival is also enjoying increasing popularity here in Germany. Interestingly, you can see people in green hats parading the streets across the country. They still wear shamrock accessories, drink green beer and listen to Irish music. It will be celebrated into the night! Typically Irish!

Young people in particular feel attracted to St. Patrick's Day.

We'll be celebrating for a long time!

On this day green is the dominant color par excellence.

  • Brief History of Ireland's National Holiday St Patricks Day

In Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is primarily a religious holiday. This is celebrated in honor of Ireland's national saint, Patrick. According to tradition, he is said to have been the first Christian missionary in Ireland. He was also the first bishop of the Irish Christians and is now considered the patron saint of the people of the Emerald Isle. His personality has been shrouded in legends and myths until now. For example, Patrick is said to have explained the Holy Trinity to the Irish pagans in an interesting way during a sermon in the field. He found a three-leaf clover and compared it to the trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This may also explain the fact that the green shamrock has now become a symbol of Irish national pride. He should everyone bring luck.

The green shamrock is believed to bring good luck to everyone.

The four-leaf clover is the eternal symbol of luck worldwide.

The Irish saint is said to have died on March 17, 461 or 463. To commemorate the anniversary of his death, today the date of March 17th is an official public holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, the British Overseas Territory of Monserrat and the Canadian province of Newfoundland. In the Roman Catholic Church it is celebrated with festive services. Over the centuries, this Christian holiday has become more secular. Now parades in green and subsequent parties characterize the festival. You can see how the world celebrates St Patrick's Day, in Ireland and beyond, in the video below.

  • What's a must-have for a St. Patrick's Day party?

Celebrate like the Irish on St. Patrick's Day! In the evening, parties are organized where green dominates in the decoration. But not only there! You see the green shamrock everywhere. It hangs on green garlands and is stamped on balloons. The Irish shamrock adorns walls and stands as a table decoration. It is the absolute lucky charm of the Irish and is even combined with other typical symbols of luck and success, e.g. with a horseshoe and with gold coins. Little green hats are also a part of the party decorations. Yes, suddenly everything is turning green because it's St. Patrick's Day!

Homes are also decorated in green on the occasion of the holiday.

The green shamrock and gold coins are everywhere on this day.

These shiny gold coins and green candies must be delicious!

All of these symbols can also be found at the drinks bar. There is plenty of green beer and other drinks also colored green. In addition to green appetizers and muffins, they are also mastered in the shape of a cloverleaf or decorated with lucky symbols. Green candles and indoor plants in green pots decorate the festive ambience. Yes, once a year everything turns green because you want to party like the Irish do! Have you tried that too? Then we wish you Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Small decorative elements point to the Irish festival.

The Drinks Bar at St. Patricks Day usually looks like this.

Let the party begin!

You can find more inspiration for your St. Patrick's Day party decorations in our picture gallery!

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