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The kitchen and dining room are particularly important to us because we all spend a lot of time there cooking, eating, chatting and socializing with friends and family members. For this reason, we devote all our attention to kitchen design and constantly report on the news and the latest trends in these two spaces. On our website you can read a lot of interesting things about traditional and super modern kitchen concepts, find useful information and creative ideas for kitchen design in country style, retro or industrial style. However, there is something for every taste. But today we want to look at the kitchen and dining room from the point of view of color design and introduce you to new color nuances that have been breaking through traditional kitchen design in recent years. We firmly believe that kitchen and dining room should be colorful and very appealing. Learn how to add more color and drama to these spaces in this article.

Bold colors are very trendy in traditional kitchen design at the moment.

Don't waste your time pondering whether to choose pure white or off-white as the dominant color in your kitchen. White kitchens are finally a thing of the past. Therefore, you must now be bold and introduce more color into your kitchen design. The best way to spice it up is with a bold new hue and make the kitchen look colourful, cozy and inviting.

The following color nuances will help you to realize this project. According to experts, the green and blue color palette will be used more and more in kitchens over the next few years. But other eye-catching nuances can also make the kitchen and dining room very colorful.

A colorfully designed kitchen radiates optimism and a good mood.

That's why we're trying to make this room colorful, retro and ethnic elements are definitely welcome here.

  • Different shades of blue make kitchen and Dining room unique and colorful

This is something completely new. Until now, blue has mainly been reserved for the bathroom, bedroom and boy's room. Now it can also be found in kitchens and dining rooms, where it cuts a fine figure. According to color psychology, the blue color symbolizes harmony, calm, contentment and infinity. For this reason, their use in the kitchen is quite logical. The blue palette goes from dark tones of plum and navy mixed with some dark gray and progressing to light blue and powder blue that will bring a fresh touch to any kitchen.

How do you like this modern kitchen in plum blue?

If you are planning a kitchen renovation soon, you can without a doubt opt for light shades of blue, for example the classic light blue or powder blue for the walls. Then you achieve a visual depth reminiscent of the infinity of the sky. The next two picture examples illustrate exactly this idea.

Light blue looks perfect in a country style kitchen and makes the ambiance colorful and very appealing.

This modern kitchen has a colorful design. Here is a color mix of soft nuances like grey, powder blue, white, silver and black. Logically, they can be combined well with the warm colors of the wood.

However, if you want a saturated blue, then we recommend opting for navy blue instead. It makes the entire kitchen or dining room look a bit dramatic, just when you pair this striking shade of blue with pure white. Navy blue works great as a top color for the upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen and makes the room extremely colourful.

More color for a stylish look in the kitchen.

  • Green tones bring more color to the kitchen and dining room

Kitchens where different shades of green have been used look particularly soft, colorful and eye-catching. The green palette is multifaceted, the color tones range from soft light green to mint and lime green to a strong, saturated shade of green. All shades of green symbolize relaxation and stand for natural freshness, which is why they are welcome in every kitchen. Repaint your old kitchen cabinets in a fresh shade of green and you'll be surprised at the visual difference yourself. The kitchen exudes natural freshness without being too to be colorful.

The farmhouse kitchen copied the soft greens from outside and brought that calming nuance indoors.

Pastel green stands for a good, happy mood.

In a dark kitchen, you can allow yourself a strong eye-catcher in saturated green, which visually changes the entire ambience.

  • Unusual accents in rich yellow for a colorful kitchen

If you want a colorful and slightly unusual kitchen, opt for sunny colors. The soft sandstone colors are still in and enjoy great popularity in the kitchen and dining room, because their pastel nuance can be paired wonderfully with all wood colors. But now you have the opportunity to make your kitchen even more enticing and place kitchen cabinets in lemon yellow there. A sun yellow dining table refreshes the dining room and stimulates the appetite. Anything in deep yellow catches the eye immediately and draws a lot of attention. Is that your goal when designing the room?

Make the kitchens colorful and rely on the visual contrast there.

A sun yellow table and white plastic chairs spice up the room.

Colorful accents in the kitchen in industrial style.

Now scroll through our image gallery and enjoy the other examples that are colorful and eye-catching. The editors wish you lots of fun watching!

A light nuance between gray and beige, the so-called sandstone color, looks good in every dining room.

Dark gray enhances the dramatic look of an old kitchen given a new lease of life.

Colorful and appealing, even a bit childish - this is what the kitchen looks like these days.

Upper cabinets in lime green…

or in powder blue refresh the entire look of any kitchen.

Blue matches traditional kitchen design.

Navy blue and wood colors make this kitchen colorful and unique.

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