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As we all know, lack of space is a very serious problem in our modern society. In the big cities in particular, the housing situation is not exactly good. In many cases you have to settle for a small living space and try to make the most of it. For this reason, clever ideas for setting up a small apartment are always welcome. We have been dealing with this topic for years, so you can find numerous articles about it on our website. We would like to make a modest contribution to this today and introduce you to a small, minimalistically furnished apartment. The special thing about it is that the minimalist style was broken through in its design with visual accents in bright yellow. This makes the small apartment look very cozy and inviting at the same time.

A look into the small apartment. Less is more here.

  • Every small apartment requires clever interior design

Yes, we hold exactly this opinion. But the interior design of this small minimalist furnished apartment is all about visual accents and first-class designer solutions. The apartment is located in Vilamoura, Portugal and was recently renovated by the design company Corpo Atelier.

The company specializes in modern interior design and is now known for the fact that its interior designers always create something unique that stands between architecture and art. In this small apartment in Portugal, too, the boundary between architecture and sculpture has almost disappeared. Three differently configured yellow objects were placed individually in a living room finished in white. In this ambience, every perception is completely new. Here the spatial boundaries and the position of the yellow objects are inevitably linked.

The room concept is quite minimalist.

Green plants and yellow accents break up the minimalist style.

The small apartment impresses with its clear shapes and the Use of only two colors - snow white and sunny yellow. The furniture is modern in design and practically selected. On closer inspection, the shapes of the furniture pieces may resemble an abstraction of classical architectural elements. For example, here is an architrave, a fallen column and a pedestal that glow in bright yellow. These elements are arranged as a puzzle, but separate from each other. They only become apparent when they are put together mentally. In this case, they evoke the memory of a particular sculptural piece, more suited to an exhibition space. Or maybe these yellow room elements only have objective value as pieces of furniture made to store other smaller objects. What do you mean?

Small details in the interior design that are obviously well thought out.

A few pieces of art bring a fresh touch to the minimalist interior.

  • Only a few pieces of furniture fit into the small apartment

Because of the limited space, understandably only a few pieces of furniture fit into the small apartment. For example, here you have a comfortable sofa, a chair and a small yellow sideboard as well as a desk that separates the sleeping and living areas. The bedroom has a large glass wall instead of a window with a panoramic view of the city and a large bed next to it.

There is a sunny reading corner next to the bed.

The arrangement of the room elements could be justified simply as a naive attempt to create a spatial hierarchy in a wallless apartment. That's not the case here. Efforts are made to separate areas for a specific domestic use and to define them individually. An entrance hall, a central living room and a bedroom with panoramic views are well separated from each other. It's not really clear if this room design is accurate. You might think that there is actually another way to set up the small apartment differently. Yes, but this one is a modern space for philosophizing. The residents have the chance to gain new life experiences here. In this regard, the minimalist decor is totally worth it.

Small apartment furnished with an artistic feel and attention to detail.

Now we load invite you to take a closer look at this small apartment. Immerse yourself in their minimalism and let the visual accents in bright yellow impress you. We hope you like this interior design as much as we do!

Before the furniture was brought here… .

… the room looked a bit bare.

But the end result is more than satisfactory, isn't it?

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