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The pink days of Hollywood's dream couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are finally over. The ex-partners in the well-known duo Brandelina are now going their separate ways. Everyone had to get through the difficult time after the breakup in their own, very personal way. Single mother Angelina is currently more focused on her children than on her film career. Despite complications and difficulties, however, she tries to think positively and look to the future with hope. In addition, the well-known actress and director wants to shield her current family life from the media. That's why she rarely gives interviews and her reports in front of the camera are always very emotional, but her fans appreciate it. She was in the Entertainment Today studio the other day and made a sort of personal confession. Angelina Jolie almost burst into tears. On the occasion of this interview, we want to take a look at her private life in this article.

The movie star is now trying to laugh, love and live without stress again.

  • Angelina Jolie fought a bitter divorce war with her ex for years

The news of Power Couple's surprising split, announced in September 2016, changed the lives of the two movie stars and made endless media headlines. These were predominantly negative, for example Brad Pitt spoke of affairs, aggression and alcohol problems.

He was also accused of using drugs. At the time, Angelina Jolie tried to blame her ex for the troubles in her family life. He wasn't allowed to see the children for a while and was supposed to get rid of his alcohol addiction. She was becoming thinner and tended to look exhausted in public appearances. The War of the Roses continued and seemed to have no end. Then came optimistic statements that they will always be a family. Nobody wanted to accept the fact that this time already belongs in the past.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt met in 2005 while filming the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith" in love with each other.

But they only got married in 2014 at their winery in France.

  • Through tears, Angelina Jolie summarizes her life

The actress finds single life difficult 2 ½ years after the separation. She is constantly looking for a balance between home life and work and wants to find more time for herself. Despite her he alth problems and the enormous stress, Angelina Jolie does not want to live in silence, but wants to help other women with such problems. That's why she speaks openly about it to the media.

Years ago they were Hollywood's dream couple.

Angelina Jolie wants to find her inner balance again and lead a stress-free life.

In addition, the well-known actress wants her 6 children to grow up happily and have a positive outlook. She hopes they can find a purpose in life, each and every child for themselves. In her latest interview, Angelina Jolie doesn't put all the blame for her failed marriage on her ex-husband. The fact is that he has changed a lot since then, actually positively. She can now understand that everyone is on his side. Maybe that's why she's trying to blame herself. Hopefully she will find inner balance soon and all her positive thinking will return. Because Angelina needs love and tenderness again to get out of the life crisis.

Yes, life goes on!

The smile comes back to her face.

She is currently spending a lot of time with her 6 children.

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