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Do you love fine and stylish design? Then you've come to the right place. After publishing articles about living room, home office and bathroom in a feminine style, today we want to continue our series of articles about different rooms with a feminine look. In the following we show you charming picture examples of dining rooms full of elegance and femininity. A modern dining room is usually furnished with practicality in mind, as that best suits its function of being the center of any home. Then you add such decorative elements that make the atmosphere cozy and very homely. From the comfortable dining room furniture to matching murals and beautiful family photos to the fresh flowers and green houseplants, nothing should be missing there. This decoration creates or enhances the warm feminine feeling in the room. It is also designed in a feminine style in a dining room. Find out in this article what is a must in such a room.

Elegance and femininity can also dominate in the dining room.

  • Floral patterns dominate in every dining room with a feminine style.

Beautiful flowers symbolize femininity. That is why they appear everywhere in a feminine interior. These can be seen on wallpaper and curtains, also decorate tablecloths and chair backs. There can also be floral patterns on the ceiling.

Most of the floral elements stand out due to their stylized shapes and delicate pastel colors. They seamlessly inscribe themselves in a feminine ambience and enhance its charm. The delicate colors dominate without further ado. Dove grey, sky blue and snow white are combined with shades of pink and violet to create a stylish whole.

Stylized roses on a light background in delicate pastel blue make the wall design unique and stylish at the same time.

This beautifully patterned wallpaper in pink makes a wonderful addition to the rustic dining room.

Floral pattern everywhere, including the Ceiling!

  • Fresh flowers, chandeliers and candles make up the feminine dining room.

Regardless of the style in which you have set up your dining room, you can add feminine touches to the shabby chic or vintage ambience, to the classic or modern interior and emphasize the elegance of the room. In any dining room with a feminine style, chic crystal chandeliers look particularly striking. If you opt for a modern dining room, then you can choose elegant glass pendant lights, which will illuminate your cozy hours with friends and family over dinner. These light bodies can be easily combined with candles of all kinds. Classic or modern candle holders adorn the mantel and the dining table, stand by the window or on the side table. You can never have enough of these. These give the room an extremely romantic look.

Crystal shine and glitter in this dining room with feminine touches.

If you like it a little more colourful… .

… or would you prefer modern and very elegant?

It is still debatable and contradictory whether mirrors belong in the dining room or not. They go well with the classic interior, but in the modern dining room they are mostly avoided. Instead, they opt for interesting pictures or nice family photos that decorate the walls well and bring an additional feminine touch to the room.

The mirror hangs above the fireplace and decorates the free wall space there.

You can create great wall decorations with pictures.

And last but not least, we want to say a few words about the fresh flowers in the dining room, because they bring romance to the room. When it comes to cut flowers and their arrangement, there are no limits to your imagination. They enchant us all with their natural beauty and irresistible scent. Flower arrangements are great eye-catchers on the dining or side table. They look just as good in glass or porcelain vases as they do in ceramic or metal ones. They easily fit into the feminine dining room without attracting too much attention. They can be in harmony with the overall color scheme of the dining room or as splashes of color or visual accents. Show attention to detail and decorate your dining room with beautiful fresh flowers in a feminine style. You can never go wrong with this!

The flowers in the vase are very well chosen in terms of color and fit perfectly into this feminine dining room.

One can certainly spend endless hours here eating and chatting.

It's blooming everywhere.

A modern room design in the classic color duo black and white can be really amazing.

Or do you prefer the classic burgundy design?

Slightly extravagant, but very cheerful looking dining room.

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