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The world is full of surprises, especially in show business. Yesterday, on March 18th, the German media channels broke the news that Thomas Gottschalk and his wife Thea Gottschalk had ended their marriage. Both separated after 42 years of marriage. Now the famous couple has drawn a line and both want to go their separate ways in the future. Her lawyer Christian Schertz confirmed this when asked for a picture. It is unclear what exactly led to this surprising marriage from Thomas Gottschalk. However, it is known the couple informed their sons of both spouses' decision weeks before the split. "Mr. Gottschalk asks that his family's privacy be respected and that no further inquiries be made," said the lawyer yesterday.

Thomas Gottschalk has separated from his wife Thea.

  • Surprising breakup after 42 years together

The surprising news about the Gottschalks' marriage prompts us to take a look at their family life to date. Thomas Gottschalk met Thea in 1972 at a medical ball in Munich and they got married in 1976. Their son Roman was born six years later.

1989 the couple adopted their son Tristan. Thomas Gottschalk has now become a grandfather twice. Wanting to shield their personal lives and that of their sons from the media and the hustle and bustle around them, the couple bought a property in Malibu in the '90s. The family has lived alternately in California and Germany since the mid-1990s. Unfortunately, the expensive property in the US was destroyed by fire blight last year. The couple found it difficult to cope. Thomas Gottschalk and Thea still have an apartment in Berlin and an apartment in New York. But where they both live after the separation has not yet been decided.

Just a few weeks before the love separation, Thomas Gottschalk said Thea was the best woman for him.

Thomas Gottschalk also shares Thea's preference for a striking style of clothing.

  • Thomas Gottschalk had a lot of ups and downs, but never lost his sense of humor until now

Thomas Gottschalk grew up in Bavaria as the son of the lawyer Hans Gottschalk. He studied German and history at the "Ludwig Maximilians University" in Munich, but never wanted to be a teacher. His career as an entertainer began early, first as a presenter on the radio, then on television. His program "Wetten, dass…?" was Germany's most popular show for years. Big names from show business visited him, including Micheal Jackson in April 2022. With the advertising of the Goldbären ("Haribo makes children happy!"), Thomas Gottschalk became even more popular with young and old. He hosted numerous talk shows and evening shows and always made viewers laugh. The famous presenter has shaped the television landscape with his sense of humor and it is therefore hard to imagine life without it.

Our popular TV presenter.

Thomas Gottschalk has been showered with various awards over the years. For example, he received the “Golden Camera” twice, the “German Television Prize” twice and the “Romy Prize” twice. He was awarded a "Grimme Prize" for his work as an entertainer. His humor and wit have made him so popular. Thea Gottschalk certainly contributed a lot to this, not least because of her striking outfits that leave no one indifferent.

Thomas Gottschalk has received numerous television awards for his life's work. Here with the Bambi award.

At the Bambi Awards in November 2022 with Sophia Loren and Udo Lindenberg.

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