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You can always do handicrafts. It is often the case that the simpler or even more natural the materials are, the greater the fun and the end result. Especially when you have small and very curious children around you, you quickly realize how good it is to always have a source of ideas at hand. In this way you can be creative quickly and without necessarily and constantly spending money and show children and adults new ways of how they can achieve something easily, well and cheaply. Today, for example, we would like to find an answer to the question of whether you can make spring decorations out of wood yourself. For this purpose, we deliberately chose to do crafting with clothespins. Below you will again receive a fine load of ideas, which is intended only now and only for you.

If you would like to make your own spring decorations out of wood, you should first try crafting with clothespins

Handicrafts with clothespins are perfect for Easter

Right now, with this lousy and completely "colorless" weather, you can dream of spring and even partially let it emerge. Since (almost) everyone has a lot of clothespins at home, you can actually start tinkering right away.

Not even we, at Freshideen, suspected that clothespins are such an excellent handicraft material. In addition, they are completely natural and inspire you to many great and practical ideas.

You can also make an Easter basket yourself using clothespins

Have you always wanted to make your own wooden spring decorations?

Many people who may think they are clumsy imagine crafting to be incredibly difficult. Every creative process is so healing and always full of new insights.

For anyone who enjoys crafting or is just curious, we offer the following 30 DIY ideas that can be both practical and mood-enhancing. Just take some time and find out your mood maker among our examples.

A colorful party decoration makes every celebration nicer and funnier

Would you like to do handicrafts with small children? The clothespins are ideal for this

Every home needs a spring refreshment and you could start today. Your fresh kitchen herbs could use a planter? Then don't go to the hardware store this time and try to create a cachepot yourself from a lot of what you already have at home. Practical and decorative at the same time, your cachepot can even look very spring-like. For this purpose, a well-considered choice of color would be advantageous.

The Easter holidays can be spent very sensibly

The first thing that should be taught to small children is how to use color well

Just keep scrolling and discover simple and inexpensive suggestions on how to get rid of the unpleasant winter feeling as quickly as possible and how to invite and welcome the most beautiful spring festival to your home!

With this in mind, we wish you a fantastic atmosphere, which you, please pass on, and spend a magical Easter time with friends and family!

Colourful, colorful and festive - this is the only way to bring the right atmosphere into the house

You can also decorate with real plants, including the clothespins.

The decoration is pleasing to the eye, but it would be even better to have a practical application for this creation

Are you making handicrafts for the very first time? It is best to start with a circle

Handicrafts and singing beloved children's songs at the same time? Feel the natural closeness between you and the little ones you are crafting with

Fimo and clothespins - a duo with which every creative project is trimmed for success

Decorating with moss can help you with handicrafts

Tell stories about Easter and create the protagonists yourself

And if you finally want to design a photo wall yourself, you can use clothespins help

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