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Many people are of the opinion that an interior with strong feminine features is too sweet, heavily powdered and glamorous. But we try to show another point of view about such spaces. We also want to prove that such rooms are stylishly furnished and look very romantic and tempting at the same time. After presenting ideas for a home office with a feminine look and living room with feminine touches, we want to continue our series of articles on the subject of feminine interiors today. Our attention is now focused on delightful bathrooms with a typically feminine flair. In this article you can find out what should not be missing in such a bathroom and which colors are dominant there. In addition, we have prepared a rich picture gallery for you, which presents just delicate feminine bathroom designs. Just let more romance flow into your bathroom too! That's good for body and soul!

Bathrooms with a feminine flair scream elegance and romance.

  • What characterizes a bathroom with a feminine flair?

When we talk about feminine bathroom designs, it is quite understandable that they are characterized by romance and elegance. In addition, such bathrooms radiate an unmistakable feeling of freedom and independence. While creating a typically feminine interior, you want to fill it with a happy mood so that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed while taking a bath.

There is no tension in these bathrooms, everyday stress has no place here. Don't think that you should exclude your sense of practicality when designing a room with a feminine flair. No, absolutely not! You try to treat yourself to as much comfort as possible, which is paired with style and a little glamour. Ultimately, such a bath must fully fulfill its practical functions. At the same time, people do not want to do without comfort, tranquility and perfect visual balance. But on the contrary! These are crucial when it comes to bathroom design with a feminine look.

Perfect calm and serenity prevail in this bathroom.

Symmetry in white.

  • What should not be missing in a bathroom with a feminine flair?

Any bathroom with a feminine flair must be cozy and inviting. Very often it is right next to the bedroom or is directly connected to this room. You can choose the style yourself, but in general it varies from vintage to retro to chic and modern. The feminine bathroom must be large enough, because there must be a free-standing bathtub. This can be selected in a classic look, with lion's feet for example, or could have a modern design. Bathroom faucets in gold, silver or copper complement the retro look, while straight lines and clear shapes characterize a modern, feminine bathroom.

The free-standing bathtub with claw feet is the highlight in this bathroom.

Pair modern bathroom design with retro elements to create a delightfully chic bathroom.

Whatever style you prefer, some bathroom furniture is an integral part of this space. The absolute must-haves include one or more mirrors in retro frames, a dressing table with a chair or high chair and a screen. The vanity usually has enough compartments and drawers to accommodate all the bathroom cosmetics. Romantic room elements complete the feminine look. Here we mean suitable room lighting, for example retro chandeliers hanging directly above the bathtub. Lightproof curtains with floral patterns ensure your privacy and emphasize the romance in the bathroom. Most women want plenty of light and sunshine in the room while taking their bath during the day. That's why our advice is: make sure you let plenty of natural light into the bathroom to make it look bright and inviting.

Plenty of light and soft colors characterize this retro-style bathroom.

Floral patterns on the curtains complete the stylish look.

  • Typical color scheme in the bathroom with a feminine flair

Delicate shades and colorful accessories give the bathroom the final touch with a feminine look. In terms of color scheme, you prefer white, gray and pastel tones, because you can't go wrong with them do. Tiled floors and wallpaper in light pink or lilac set the tone here. Choose the colors very carefully and always keep in mind that bright colors are appropriate here. If you want more drama in the bathroom, you can opt for a finely patterned dark wall design. Against this background, white bathroom furniture comes into its own. The next picture might convince you better of the optical effect.

Introduce more drama into your bathroom designs with a dark and delicately patterned wallpaper.

Delicate pink can be perfectly combined with white.

Visual accents are always capitalized in the bathroom with a feminine flair. These can be set in saturated colors so that they immediately attract attention. For example, in a white and thoroughly modern bathroom, you can only insert a few bath towels in magenta to emphasize the feminine flair.

The visual accents in magenta are very expressive.

There is always room for a small vase with fresh flowers.

Real eye-catchers in such bathrooms are fresh flowers in vases or beautiful bath plants in pots that thrive in high humidity. In addition to pictures and mirrors, they are among the female must-haves in the bathroom, because they radiate romance. Pink in all possible nuances, lilac, violet and sky blue are the preferred colors for the flowers too. These are combined with sunny yellow, orange and red. In addition, all of these colors with gold and silver accents form a complete whole that screams femininity.

In the following picture gallery you will find great ideas for a bathroom design with a feminine flair. Get inspired!

Flowers bring a fresh touch to the bathroom and reinforce the feminine look.

A delightful retro-style bathroom design, where the delicate shade of lilac has been combined with silver accents.

Subtle floral patterns in gold can be paired perfectly here with the other gold accents.

A magenta plastic chair reveals the feminine style in this bathroom.

Floral patterns and a large wall mirror in gilded frames are a must in the bathroom with a feminine flair.

A grass-green velvet stool is the definite eye-catcher here.

Strong feminine flair prevails here from floor to ceiling.

Treat yourself to maximum comfort in the bathroom!

Every little detail in this facility is well thought out… .

A retro design can also look typically feminine.

Candles, a delicate scent and pastel colors characterize the feminine bathroom.

The vintage style can also carry feminine elements!

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