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"What's modern this year" is of course always an up-to-date question. But there is another one that many women ask themselves and it is much more difficult to get an answer to. It's about the question of what you should or should not wear in the specific season. From this perspective, we will consider the topic of current fashion trends for 2022 in this article. Here are the tendencies that will expire and the others that will replace them. It doesn't mean that the old trends are a no go. However, you can wear your old stuff often but not get the most up-to-date look. The current trends that will be discussed relate primarily to the Spring/Summer 2022 season.

We will leave shells as necklaces in 2022!

Current fashion trends: novelties in necklaces

Let's start with some summer news right away. Let's think about the time when we wear open clothes again and emphasize our shoulders and neck with beautiful necklaces. Last year it was very much inspired by it and numerous natural elements such as mussel shells were very trendy.

This year you can of course also wear these in between. They will surely go well with your beach outfit or with your summer clothes. But this year we recommend that you get pearls as a necklace and put an accent on them when you wear them. Because that is much more in line with current fashion trends.

Choose pearl necklaces as jewelry for the neck

What kind of hat should you buy?

Let's stay a bit longer with the topic "summer"! Sun protection is vital and wearing the right hat during those beautiful sunny days is definitely one of them. It protects our skin and hair and thus preserves our youthful appearance. In the summer of 2022 it was trendy to wear straw hats more often. This was a typical comeback to the classic tendencies in fashion. This year you show an affinity for the simple style. You can also call the tendencies in summer dresses classic, but in one something other sense. Sporty models with an equally timeless character are particularly up-to-date. For example, a denim hat would be the ideal solution for both men and women.

The straw hat should rather stay in the closet


Current fashion trends and handbags - of course we can't separate these two topics at all. Here it looks similar to the previous two accessories. The classic straw handbags were very fashionable last summer. That is changing in the current season. In 2022 it will be small models that have been spiced up with natural jewellery, especially pearls. The particularly small handbags are generally trendy in the following seasons.

A denim hat would be ideal

The summer shoes

Let's move on to summer shoes! Among the elegant models, those with open heels have been very trendy in the last year. Among other things, they were quite practical because you could wear one and the same pair on different occasions. They would be ideal for both a date and an official event or business meeting at the office. If you want to be extra relevant in 2022, then you should also get another pair of sandals. These should be square in the front, which looks feminine and elegant at the same time. It's quite likely that most ladies already have something like this in their wardrobe.

Current fashion trends: Small bags, especially those with pearl jewelry

Colorful instead of stripes

Oversized blouses were an important part of casual wear in summer 2022. The classic models in neutral colors with a small asymmetrical detail or an unusual way of wearing were particularly trendy. Under the patterns we had many stripes. It's not that we won't love them again in 2022. But this year, colored models, with shades artfully distributed on them, are much more up-to-date. We experience this in different forms. You could choose different nuances that gently blend into each other. Alternatively, you can just wear a t-shirt with a kind of artwork on it.

Another trendy handbag with pearls

Current fashion trends and colors

"Current fashion trends in colors" is another topic that is always discussed a lot and special remains current. In this area we observe a very gentle transformation. This year, all neutral colors remain relevant, but now they have a particularly earthy and at the same time spirited character. An example of this would be light orange, which is subtly reminiscent of the summer sun or the earth in tropical countries. Neutral and fiery at the same time - the ideal balance!

You should wear these types of shoes less often in 2022

Tendencies in trousers

Among the must-haves for 2022 were culottes. They should preferably be worn with pressed creases. In 2022, spring and summer cargo pants were hot. In short, the 3/4 length was very trendy in various elegant shapes. To a certain extent, this will remain the same in 2022. But you go a little further in the direction of street style, more precisely with the sporty trousers, which have already been mentioned. The denim pants cut off at about this length are current in 2022. Furthermore, the oversized pants will be very trendy in general!

Such square models are quite modern this year

Current animal prints

With regard to the current prints on clothing, in 2022 the emphasis was on jaguar patterns. In 2022 the zebra pattern will dominate much more. This is of course very good news for anyone who would like to find an excuse for introducing black and white stripes. But you can also use the same patterns in other shades. We see them mainly on clothing and less on accessories.

We also omit the black and white stripes!

Current fabrics

Finally, we would like to tell you a few words about the current fabrics. In keeping with the classic trends, cotton and linen dresses were particularly trendy. These are particularly practical textiles that will certainly always be worn with pleasure. But really modern in 2022 are the light, transparent fabrics such as organza.

Colorful T-shirts like this are up to date

2022: Fashion is becoming more and more practical

When it comes to current fashion trends, it is becoming increasingly clear that the transition between them is becoming smoother every year. They look more natural and are easier to follow. In addition, there is less and less talk of no-go tendencies. The rules for combining and transforming old clothes always makes it easier to wear the old stuff and still look modern. For example, you can simply cut your classic denim pants shorter or modernize your old blouses with a modern detail. You can keep the rest in the closet for the time being, because it seems to be an ongoing trend to pick up old things and still wear them again and again.

You can always wear the classic neutral colors, but in 2022 there is something more modern!

Blue and characterful neutrals are hot in 2022!

Stylish cargo pants were a must-have in 2022, but this year they are not the latest

But this type of denim pants does!

The jaguar prints are no longer modern

Zebra pattern - this is very trendy in 2022

The little black dress is a timeless classic!

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