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How quickly time flies! Well-known Hollywood blonde Sharon Stone turns 61 on March 10th. It's hard to believe, but it's a fact. The actress doesn't let her age irritate her, though, because she's glad she's reaching it. The "Basic Instinct" star has taken many years to come back to life after suffering a fatal stroke in September 2001. She is happy that the worst time of her life is over. Now she is already boldly talking about it and is looking to the future with optimism.

Despite the years and difficult life situations, Sharon Stone still looks perfect.

We've missed her on screen for years, now she's back.

  • Sharon Stone now talks about her protracted struggle for survival

Two years ago, Sharon Stone gave a touching and shocking account of her worst experience on the British television and radio talk show "Radio Times". In this personal confession she talked about how her whole life had suddenly changed. She only had a five percent chance of survival and, thank God, she took it to stay alive. She should literally fight her way back to life. The actress had to relearn how to write, read, speak and walk after her stroke. "The worst thing was the stuttering," she said in an interview. “My left eye was blind, my left ear was deaf. It took me years to regain feeling in my left leg,” Sharon Stone recalls of the long recovery process.

The actress struggled to survive and recover for many years.

  • Sharon Stone's film career continues.

The well-known Hollywood star won the fight against the severe stroke and its consequences and is now trying to give her film career a new start. Her role in the box office hit “Basic Instinct” (1992) made her world famous. Then in 1996 she played the Gangster Bride to Robert de Niro in Casino (1995) and was nominated for an Oscar for Lead Actress. Sharon Stone has now made her comeback into the film industry as a character actress in the mini-series "Mosaic". Step by step she is also returning to her job, but she does not accept any major roles, preferring guest roles in films. The blonde says the film industry has changed rapidly in recent years without her. Now there is strong digitization, actually as in all areas of life.

"Everything happened without me," says Sharon Stone about the rapid development of the film industry.

There are also certain changes in the personal life of the actress. Now she looks after her three adopted sons Roan (18 y), Laird (13 y) and Quinn (12 y) on her own. She wants to raise them to be respectful people. At home she speaks openly with the boys about the problems of our time. She just wants to make time for her sons. It's not easy being a single mother of three sons.

The cinema hit "Basic Instinct" made her world famous.

In addition, Sharon Stone fights against sexual violence against women and girls. She thinks women should not allow themselves to be manipulated at work or at home. She is in favor of respectful behavior because the opposite could have serious consequences.

Good luck, Sharon Stone!

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