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Not only kitchen experts agree, the current trends also confirm that the modern kitchen is changing more and more from a closed workshop to an open living space, as are the owners of the house like to present it to friends. Of course, the kitchen must also have a correspondingly exclusive design. Simple stainless steel kitchens have been out for a long time. This is also proven by the current kitchen trends. The focus is on new, unusual designs paired with high functionality and new technology.

Kitchen trends 2015 - from rustic and simple to bright and striking

Basically, there are no limits to the possibilities in kitchen design. Simple colors that are coordinated with each other are just as trendy as bright colors and contrasts. When it comes to fitted kitchens, the country house style is still in great demand in 2015, as can also be seen from the well-known supplier Küchen Quelle. The dominant color is white, which is contrasted with strong colors such as blue or red. The color black is also making a comeback in the kitchen. German manufacturers such as Miele or Siemens like to present kitchen appliances in a black look.

Rustic kitchen furnishings are trendy

Rustic designs made of slate, stone and concrete are also trendy at the moment. A kitchen unit in slate design creates a very elegant and graceful impression, especially in a white kitchen. With the stone design, the focus is on the reference to nature. The customer can even choose from different types of stone, such as granite, marble or element stone, as basic elements.

In the concrete sector, the kitchen industry now has completely new possibilities. Wafer-thin and yet absolutely unbreakable, this can be applied to carrier plates. Together with elements made of lacquered glass or walnut, the result is a noble design.

Even when it comes to the shape of the kitchen, there are various alternatives to the simple kitchenette. The kitchen island is particularly popular at the moment. This is particularly suitable for those who have planned a lot of space for the kitchen and want to design it openly. It is important that there is enough space around the island for passages is. Due to the generous space, the kitchen island is particularly suitable for those who like to cook together.

Noble design and functionality in the modern kitchen

The most modern technology in an elegant design

Not only the designs of the kitchens have evolved in 2015. There are always innovations in the field of kitchen appliances. High-quality kitchen appliances in an elegant design are just as important for the look of the kitchen as the kitchen design itself. Nevertheless, they should of course have a high level of functionality. In this respect, the automatic baking that AEG offers with the Autosense oven is an absolute sensation. With pre-programmed recipes, the oven can set the baking time itself. If the chef is late, he can use the app to bake a previously prepared dish. A lot has also happened with the extractor hoods. Designer hoods and downdraft hoods, which automatically extend upwards and are unobtrusively integrated into the cooking area, replace the large, pull-out extractor hoods of the past. For modern cooking, experts recommend an induction hob. The heat is generated by an alternating magnetic field. However, ferromagnetic pots are required to use an induction hob. The amateur cook recognizes these by the fact that magnets stick to them. Some manufacturers are already experimenting with touch displays integrated into the cooking area, which are intended to make the hobs easier to operate. Networking between individual devices, such as stoves and refrigerators, remains the hot topic par excellence in the kitchen area. In the future, for example, when selecting a specific recipe, the cooker should be able to tell directly whether the refrigerator has all the ingredients ready. It will therefore be interesting to see which kitchen innovations the future will bring.

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