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It is already clear that aging has changed fundamentally in the 21st century. One who is now turning 50 cannot be included in the group of the elderly. Especially when he's fit, looks good and constantly surprises us with his art. Take Jennifer Aniston, for example, who turned 50 on February 11 and yet looks girly. A number of well-known actors and popular singers will also celebrate their 50th birthdays this year. We have selected our favorites among them and want to present them to you today. For these stars, the years do not play a major role in their careers, they are also irrelevant for their reputation, because at 50 celebrities are actually in their prime. They are good evidence of the wise definition that old age should be seen "only as a summary of the past". Full of energy and optimism, these stars look to the future.

"The best is still to come" - Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 50th birthday a week ago.

Being old is subjective - Javier Bardem will be 50 on March 1st.

What does age mean for celebrities?

Aging has changed a lot over time. With a he althy lifestyle, the years can leave few marks on the face and body. Celebrities in their 50s still look perfect today, have rich work and life experiences, and are making new plans for the future. Age is only a subjective concept, the perception of the individual is important. And the rule is, at any age you can feel fit and happy. Especially 50-year-old celebrities try to do everything they can to cover up or completely eliminate any signs of age. The latest achievements of the cosmetics industry are at their disposal. The stars just don't have to go overboard to keep their fresh and youthful looks longer. In this way, they cannot (or only with difficulty) assess their own age. The result is breathtaking in many cases. Today's celebrities look perfect and don't lose their attractiveness.

Who would believe Renee Zellweger celebrates her 50th birthday on April 25th.

Cate Blanchett has already received 7 Oscar nominations and won the long-awaited cinema award twice. On May 14th she will be 50.

Other celebrities celebrating their 50th birthday in 2022.

Many celebrities will turn 50 in 2022. We love showing pictures of these movie stars and singers. We just want to illustrate that time has not left deep marks on some people. Hopefully they will remain as fit and youthful in the future and delight us with new exciting roles in the cinema and with unique hits.

J Lo celebrates on July 24th. But who could have guessed, this celebrity will soon be 50?

"The West Wing" actor Christian Slater (Aug 18) looks very good for his age.

Popular actor from the TV series Matthew Perry's birthday is August 19th.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was born 50 years ago on September 25.

Hey Baby singer and Grammy Award winner Gwen Steffani celebrates her 50th birthday on October 3rd.

We know Matthew McConaughey (Nov 4) from the big box office hit "The Wolf of Wall Street".

Sean Combs (Nov. 4) is better known by the names P. Diddy or Puff Daddy. He has won 3 Grammy Awards for his hits on the albums "No way out" and "Press Play".

Ellen Pompeo impeccably performed the role of Dr. Meredith Gray and has changed little since then. She celebrates her 50th birthday on November 10th.

The Phantom of the Opera actor Gerard Butler's birthday is November 13th. He turns 50!

Jay Z turns 50 on December 4th and is now one of the best-selling singers in the world.

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