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Wood panels - Attractive wall cladding with wood

How do you imagine a beautiful wall? Is this covered with wallpaper or maybe decorated with tiles? In today's article we mention a third keyword in wall covering - wall panels. It is particularly trendy in modern wall design today to cover the walls with it. In addition, you have several options as to what wall panels can be attached to the walls: whether they appear in stone, concrete or wood look, all these variants have a nice influence on your overall room appearance.

Get some inspiration for your own wall design by looking at our wood wall panels picture gallery. Surely you can think of something nice for the design of your bedroom or living room walls!

Wood design - stylish wooden accent wall

Wood panels - wooden panels made of high-quality material are also suitable for the bathroom

Many design options with wall panels

The variety of designs for the wood wall panels is multifaceted. A basic distinction is made between panels made of artificial materials and those made of real wood. The latter are therefore more difficult and of course more expensive. When it comes to wooden panels, you have another wonderful option and this is called colored wall panels. They successfully replace fresh wallpaper patterns and spice up the interior design.

Set accents in the room with wooden panels

Wooden panels visually divide the room

Chic accent wall adds style to the bedroom

Elegant vertical wooden wall panels

Green wall panels bring a fresh touch to the living room

White wooden panels ensure a fresh flair in the room

Coloured Ombre Style Wall Panels

Painting the wooden wall panels

Different designs in different shades

What distinguishes wooden panels from the others? Paneling that imitates wood makes the space appear natural. In addition, everyone knows that wood radiates warmth and coziness in interior design. Even if you choose wood, you have other choices to make before getting the panels attached to the wall. Consider what impact the walls will have on the feel of the room and choose lighter or darker shades of wall panels depending on that. Depending on the type of wood, you can brighten up the room or give the ambience more style.

In light shades, the wall panels make the room appear particularly fresh

Decorate the bedroom wall stylishly with wood

Designing a wooden accent wall in the bathroom

Combine white furniture with light wooden wall

Wall panels are functional

In addition to the decorative function of wall panels and the feeling of comfort that wood wall panels create in the interior, one can highlight other advantages of wall panels. Besides beautifying the walls, they insulate the noise and keep the heat in the room for a longer time.

Covering the walls with wood

Painted in black, wall panels have a very chic effect on the appearance of the room

Are you still faced with the dilemma of whether to paint the walls in your home in one color or decorate them with wall sayings? Of course you can also attach wallpaper or cover the wall with wall panels? What do you think after reading our article about the wooden wall panels? Are panels the right choice for your walls?

Cosy bedroom with wooden panels

Cover the home office walls with wooden wall panels

Wood is a popular material in interior design

Elegant wall design in the kitchen

Wall paneling with wooden panels in the bedroom

Wall design ideas with wall panels

Wood panels in dark shades

Wooden wall panels are chic and functional at the same time

Combine wooden wall panels with wooden floor

Rustic living room with wooden elements

Cover the kitchen island in wood too

Creating a lively kitchen design with wall panels

Accent lights accentuate the wooden wall panels

Rustic wall gives the living room its own charm

Bringing comfort into the bathroom with wooden wall panels

Stylish vertical wall panels in shades of gray

Covering the bathroom walls with wooden wall panels

Creating color contrasts in the living room

Give walls a rustic look with wooden wall panels

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